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Webcomic profile: Dark Horse
Dark Horse
The battle between unlikely heroes and demonic forces begins. <<Currently Reads Right to Left>>
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Genre: Fantasy
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Two girls dragged into a battle for the future…

As modern civilization crumbles under the yolk of a genetic supremacist organization, fae folk and demons begin to reemerge: some wish to aid in man’s struggle, others desire to bring mankind to its knees. From the ashes of man’s plight rise seven reluctant heroes imbued with the power to save, or destroy, all that exists.

Updates Wednesdays, reads right to left.* If you need guidance, please visit this page:

Please be forewarned: this comic has nudity, sex, foul language, and violence. You have been forewarned. But! If these things are not something that make you uncomfortable, please come on in and enjoy the ride!

Dark Horse is the first installment of The Crystal Lotus Chronicles.


*I am working on flipping Dark Horse to read Left to Right. I will make an announcement once this flip is completed. Thank you for your patience!!!


I am a big fan of manga, graphic novels, and comics in general. I have been hooked on comics since I was kid, and first introduced to anime through Sailor Moon. This was also my first manga in 1997. I received my Visual Arts BA from the University of Illinois at Springfield in 2010, and continue to work on improving my art.

My blog can be found at the link below

Cerulean Dreams


Most recent comments left on Dark Horse

If you had a PhD in it, I'd both be impressed and probably scared XD

I realize I haven't really been explaining her magic very well. It's something that I will go into much later, but it's probably a good idea to talk about it now XD Oo! Or maybe I'll have a little intermission like other artists to talk about it? Hm...not sure. I may just talk about it in a video.


Hm...ordinarily, something like with Full Metal Alchemist, the souls maintain their consciousness (in the manga and Brotherhood--I don't think they did in the first anime.)

The way I handle it is different, I guess XD So, what I'm trying to envision, is souls as both the conscious soul, but also as a magical form of energy. So kinda scientific energy, but more so like a magic energy? I think that I could explain it that way?

Um...a soul normally would inhabit a single body, and when the body dies the soul would either be content and rest within the world, that is become one with the magical world by choice, until the end of existence--or it could chose to remount the wheel of time and be re-incarnated.

I'm having a bit of trouble explaining it...since this part I still haven't flushed out and is most important at the end of the series. But the wheel is something Shimiko references and often is seen holding. It will be a major player in following series.

So Keisuma has collected a bunch of these souls, and she's compressed them together, which is what is considered Dark Magic (because it's not a natural process and it involves conscious souls. It's cruel, so aside from Black Wizards and the Unseelie court--basically your Dark Magic characters--it's considered taboo and unnatural.)

So they've been forcefully pulled from their bodies, and put into a containment vessel. The space is small, and the souls are constantly bouncing off each other, so over long periods of time, they undergone some sort of "fission?" I think that's the right term?

Following splits of the soul particles, the particles undergo fusion with opposing particles and reform: but not as the same soul they were, just whatever bits are near by. I mean, I'm not a scientist, so I'm sure my science is completely wrong (am I "Stan Lee-ing this?) But what essentially has happened, is she compresses them down and all of what/who they were eventually mixes together.

So they become this mass of energy, with partial consciousness, but are so mixed up they really have no ability to think individually and more so are just in spiritual pain and feel either anger or extreme agony.

If they'd just been captured and stored individually, they would have maintained all consciousness, or at least "humanity," and could have re-incarnated (this will happen in the series, but no spoilers ;) )

Or they could have been released and the "natural" magic processes of the world would have broken down and absorbed the magic components of the soul, and they would have been part of the natural magic cycle until the "end time." Alternatively, if they hadn't been compressed for a long time, then if released, they could possibly have pulled their consciousness from the mass and rejoined the natural processes.

I guess that could be the blobs kind of pulling away (I will admit, that wasn't my initial intent when drawing it: I just wanted to show their agony.) But since Kei's controlling their trajectory, they can't get away.

Just a little more info:

They've been unnaturally removed from their bodies, and encapsulated into Keisuma's "ivory stone" (which is the piece of polished bone she herself had been captured in after her war with the Fae.) Not-so-coincidentally, Keisuma actually has interacted with these other souls on a "spiritual" level, since her own soul was in there with them. It was a form of "poetic justice" for her crimes against the fae (humans/fae/daemons/etc they all have souls.) She was aided by something else to keep her from completely fusing with the other souls. That, I can't talk about, though. Because spoilers ;)

Last kind of related, but kind of unrelated note:

I will say, demon souls are different from daemon souls. I liken the term "daemon" to the US mis-use of "Indian" for indigenous people in North America (Native Americans.) It's just a mislabeling of the different race of fae. A demon is not a fae, and is not human. BUT in this world, fae (faeries, whatever) are a race of human (as in at the core, they're the same species, and can reproduce and produce offspring that can reproduce-they have just developed differently than humans. Is this like sub-species? I'm getting out of my element here!) But the differentiation between "demons" and "daemons" is important, and I'm trying to make it confusing intentionally. :3

I'm yakking a lot. But I wanted to kind of work through what my intentions with Dark Magics are.
Left on Fifty-Two
Not going to pretend I have a PhD in summoning and evil spirits but since they are like an amalgam (is that the correct word in this case ? but anyway) of tortured souls then usually you can talk to them inside their own little sad dimension and uh, reason with them?
You said they are controlled though, not acting on their own so hm.
Left on Fifty-Two
3 days ago
Well, while visiting my family...I got sick. I feel bad, 'cause Mom had it much much worse than it's hitting me, but I still feel crummy.
At least this week the page is screen-toned! There's always a bright side, surely?

And a George Harrison song/Beatles reference ("It's All Too Much," from Yellow Submarine :D) 'Cause I haven't been doing that much lately, and I want to XD

This week's video is inking this page. I inked it as soon as I got home, before the cold hit me full on. Audio however...was not recorded before the cold.

Cerulean Dreams Website

Crystal Lotus Chronicles

Left on Fifty-Two
5 days ago
Yeah. :D

They would certainly rebel if they could (or more likely, move onto where souls go when they die.) But Keisuma's demonic hold over them is pretty strong. And they've been "kept" for so long they have by now lost all their humanity and have just amalgamated into a mass of plasma goo. They're kind of solid, kind of liquid, kind of gaseous in this state.

We haven't seen too much of Keisuma yet, but I really hope when the time comes, I can reveal what/who she is well enough. I kind of worry about that o_O
Left on Fifty-One
6 days ago
They are not rebelling because of their poor state and just rampaging as some angry souls wanting revenge but they are controlled since it is convenient. Ya, I think I get that.
Left on Fifty-One