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"Humanity's a lot more than what you're made out of..."
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Data Chasers is set in the distant future, in a world still recovering from an apocalypse. In it, humans and androids live side-by-side and face the hazards of their dangerous environment. Though set far into our future, it reflects our past and our present, dealing with the politics and cultures of different people, along with touching on the very fundamentals of humanity. ( Updates Monday Wednesday Friday )
( Description by Ranger_Brian_New! )


CGI Artist and Old school RPG-er enjoys making art and telling storys ( creator/Artist For Datachasers and LunaStar )
Tokyo Rose
Tokyo Rose
I am the co-creator of DataChasers and Luna Star. Also, according to my creative partner and the entirety of the rational universe, I am a spikey ball of hate.

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Rocket Fueled
@Scia, Wow, nice work! That was more work than I wanted to do. Thank you for sharing.
"Any crash you can walk away from is good crash." -Launchpad McQuack

I mean...he's not wrong, but I'm glad our erstwhile hero and murder solver isn't so irritable that she's not into wanton homicide. It would detract from her credibility as a law enforcement agent. :)

Coburn's likely problem is that she's been too focused on her career and is ignorant to, or oblivious of, the understanding of other people. I wouldn't be so quick to judge her despite her aggravating behavior, because she likely has a number of reasons behind why she acts the way she does, even if she isn't aware of them herself.
Spiderman ≠ Tarzan :D
I could drape the vine over the edge of the building and Rappel down and use the fine for climbing up and down the building and also running along the walls. If you're at the end of the vine when you're start running around on the wall then you can just run around on the wall and you never hit harder than you jumped off
Spiderman doesn't.