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Disciples of Dante
The world as you've never seen it before
Last update: 11th May 2017, 7:22 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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A Drug Lord's presence threatens the safety of civilians. The only way to stop him is from the inside with the help of a little rabbit. Friends killed, his innocence dying away. He has to stop this evil before it destroys a life just like it destroyed his own.


Dani Green
A lollipop dipped in insanity to bring forth wonderful creations!

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Man, I've been checking the site weekly and I was super excited to see the new page! I'm sorry about the problems you've been having and I hope you're doing better :) (I love the perspective in the last panel lol)
Wow, it's been a couple months since I've updated this. Fear not, I have just been combating a few issues and have not abandoned this story! Updates will be slower, however. But Bonnie will still be around to tell his tale.
Author Note
When next page can't white ;-)
Actulally bonnie from the comic is not realated to the fnaf seires bonnie

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