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Inspired by DM of the Rings, Darths & Droids and ComicFury's very own Friendship is Dragons; D&DS9 envisions the world of Star Trek: Deep Space 9 as an RPG campaign. Updates at least 3 times a week, often more.

(Note: No tribbles were harmed in the making of this comic)


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This comic appears to be five years dead. It's a shame. I love DS9.
I've been killed ten seconds into a game. The DM didn't allow evil characters, and he didn't feel the need to tell me. Rather than just tell me, he waits until we're all seated and announces that my character has been arrested and executed.

"Roll up another character." Yep. Next half hour while everyone else was playing, I had to roll up a new character. Bleh.

His logic is that if I'm evil, then I've done evil things to warrant such an alignment. If I've done evil things, the fity guard would know. Thus, I'm arrested and executed. No saves.
I still occasionally check for updates, just in case you're back
Not sure if the comments still work on this, but I'll try anyway. I just wanted to say that I've loved your comics and I totally understand your battle. I wish you the best of luck in staying the dragons.
Keep eyes peeled but don't expect it immediately. Still fighting the dragon of depression and demotivation.