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Dot X is a comic based off characters that my friends and I created in elementary school. They were originally Sonic fan-characters, but that has been entirely eliminated from their world, with the exception of their appearance! This is not intended to be a furry comic.

More info on me and the things I make, click my 'about' page from the comic!


Hello! I'm the Author, Artist, and Creative Director of my comic, Dot X!
Dot X is a comic based on the characters and stories that me and my friends wrote as children in elementary school.

This comic of Dot X is my way of immortalizing these characters and stories into a (Canon) cohesive whole, as opposed to the scattered ideas and memories that they previously were.

I've enlisted my fan turned friend Heartless to assist in writing the comic's bios for me!

I'm the secret twin of Hetreagod (Skyler!) and the biggest fan of his comic, DotX. It's incredible! You should definitely check it out. And don't forget to floss and always eat your vegetables.

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