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Webcomic profile: Dot X
Dot X
Updates Tuesdays and Fridays!
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Language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 29th Jun 2018, 4:00 AM
Number of comics: 499
Number of subscribers: 65
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Webcomic description

Dot X is a comic based off characters that my friends and I created in elementary school. They were originally Sonic fan-characters, but that has been entirely eliminated from their world, with the exception of their appearance! This is not intended to be a furry comic.

More info on me and the things I make, click my 'about' page from the comic!


Hello! I'm the Author, Artist, and Creative Director of my comic, Dot X!
Dot X is a comic based on the characters and stories that me and my friends wrote as children in elementary school.

This comic of Dot X is my way of immortalizing these characters and stories into a (Canon) cohesive whole, as opposed to the scattered ideas and memories that they previously were.

I've enlisted my fan turned friend Heartless to assist in writing the comic's bios for me!

I do work with Hetreagod (Skyler!) for the comic DotX. It's incredible! You should definitely check it out.

Most recent comments left on Dot X

YEET (Guest)
29th Nov 2018
this is a bit late, but (responding to the comment above) the necklace is a crystal, as a pagan myself, normally we wear crystals around our necks for protection and stuff (obsidian, quarts etc.) so yeah, there are many possible reasons for someone to wear necklace like that. i dont remember enough of the comic to know if hers specifically has a reason, just felt like giving an explanation.
Left on Audrey and Danny
Guest (Guest)
24th Nov 2018
visual novel
Left on End of Chapter (9)
23rd Nov 2018
Actually, in the character bio for Fade in Dot X Adventure, it says that he CAN fade into the shadows, and that seems to have remained canon in the comic (Would explain how Fade saved Blue).
Left on Moment
9th Nov 2018
only true 90s kids remember
Left on And So We Begin
explode7 (x7) (Guest)
7th Sep 2018
Left on End of Chapter (10)