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Drive On
A Story of American Armor
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Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Frontal Nudity Frequent Strong Language
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DRIVE ON is the story of tank commander Lizzie Newcom, who finds herself pushed to the limits as a war that was supposed to be winding down flares furiously to life again. As the first female tank platoon leader, Newcom has more than just the enemy to contend with!


Bumblebee is really my cat's name.

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Disaster enough to end the chapter! Mixed bag for the LT. She battled through an ambush, although they did get super lucky with an ATGM hit. She thought on her feet and used an alternate route to get to Joker, rightly calling it that they were in trouble. She took personal control over all rounds fired inside the compound, saving at least one incident of fratricide and pretty much saved Buck's ass by providing his men a rally point he couldn't manage to organize. But it all went to hell when she chose not to listen to her trusty platoon sergeant, and rushed off to try and save Mack... who got caught trying to save Arif. Such selflessness, and none of it worked out. Or did it? We'll have to see in the next chapter...

Speaking of which, I'm down till my new computer gets here and I work up all the loose ends that's going to create. But it shouldn't be long!
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Acutely down!
But mainly down!
You mean the school there? Oh wait
Her performance has had its ups and downs lately...