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Comic profile: Drive On
Drive On
A Story of American Armor
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Content flags: Violent ContentStrong LanguageNudity
Comic language: English
Genre: Action
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Yesterday
Number of comics: 75
Number of subscribers: 12
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Rating: 5 (32 votes)

Comic description

DRIVE ON is the story of tank commander Lizzie Newcom, who finds herself pushed to the limits as a war that was supposed to be winding down flares furiously to life again. As the first female tank platoon leader, Newcom has more than just the enemy to contend with!


Bumblebee is really my cat's name.

Most recent comments left on Drive On

19th Aug 2017
Loading cases of body bags and pre-filling casualty feeder cards are two of the lousiest and most demotivating pre-deployment details. Seeing a burned up tank is none too good for your morale either, but that was several pages ago...
Left on Casualty Feeder Card
12th Aug 2017
Utterly dismissed.
Left on Dismissed
5th Aug 2017
Newcom thought that once she got to a line company, she'd have a chance to show she was as good as anyone else - or better. But its not that simple.

This is a re-upload, so you may see this page twice. There's something weird going on.
Left on Expectations
30th Jul 2017
A short subplot relating to the convoy full of supplies that just rolled in... on its way to somewhere else...
Left on Inprocess
Chippewa Ghost
29th Jul 2017
Chippewa Ghost
Supply chain issues... now there's some foreshadowing.
Left on Inprocess