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Now with more dwagons!
Last update: 20th Oct 2016, 11:18 PM
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A series of whimsical drawings of dragons that are subtly wrong. Mainly drawn so Jak doesn't beat argyle.

For real dragons and actual awesome plot, go read:

Sister Sister: A Dragon's Tale - featuring a dragon society of various colorful designs and godlike powers!

Next Reverie - if you like standard looking dragons causing explosive mayhem in cities!


I'm just a girl who likes to draw things. I'm an aspiring comic artist and have been making comics for 4 years. I write/draw anything from real life to fantasy, drama to action, romance to thriller!

I'm a huge fan of fantasy comics, but I will also read sci-fi and thriller! :)

I'm a potato and proud!

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If you want to chat, feel free to send me a PM. If you have ideas for a short something, I'm always open to ideas for collaboration.

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Ah, Elephas volans rhinoflamben. An excellent depiction!

I've been reading a cryptozoology blog too much! XD

This is beautifully wrong! ... I'm not sure I'm allowed to say that any more, but oh well, I just did.
Strangely, the only thing which crossed bowl of petunias' mind was, "Oh no, not again!"
Ahahaha! Lots of these are great!
He's perfect! I would love to have a lion dwagon!!!