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Comic profile: Earth P.D.
Earth P.D.
1940s public domain superheroes trying to save their multiverses from extinction.
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Comic language: English
Genre: Action
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Last update: 5 days ago
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Comic description

Forgotten public domain superheroes from the 1940s unite against a malevolent force that threatens to devour not only their worlds but their entire multiverse. Many superheroes from the 1940s were left behind when the Golden Age died. Copyrights were not renewed and these characters were left out in the cold. A few survived into the Silver Age and life renewed. But not all were so lucky. This is the story of those characters which were lost, but not fully forgotten.

This comic started out as an experiment to recreate the four-color print process from the 1940s. on crappy newspaper in a digital manner?" Well I'm still working out many of the kinks. Inking was done in Illustrator but changed back to steel nibs and fiber pens. Distressing the pages for that 1940s look is an on-going project. But all in all I think it's doable. Just a hell of a lot of extra work.

Book One: A being of power brings together a stretchy guy, a strong purple dead man, a man composed of blue flame, and woman who can turn invisible. They are The Phenomenal Phour who beat back the underground threat of the mole men.

Book Two: Secret Origins of a god, a really strong red guy, a guy the size of a fly, a man in some high tech armor, and a tiny woman with wings.

Book Three: A female scientist who creates her own web shooters and a master of the dark arts share this third title of the series.


Long time comic reader—new comic creator. I remember buying those early Marvel books in 1961. The artists that influenced me were: Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby, Jim Steranko, Will Eisner, and Wally Wood. The 40–50s is the style I draw.

The Earth P.D. series recreates the look and feel of the books from the 1940s. I use only the 64-color palette with no special effects from Illustrator or Photoshop. Penciling is still done on paper and scanned in. Inking was done digitally but I've gone back to steel nibs and fiber pens. All color is flat tones using patterns of Ben-Day dot and lines to create shifts in tonal quality.

It's still a work in progress but with each page I find unique solutions to new problems.

Most recent comments left on Earth P.D.

12th Oct 2017
First off more experimentation on inking, coloring and distressing. I've moved to a new set of steel nibs which will give me finer control over the linework. I figure I'll have it set by the time this story is finished. Then I'll just have to go back and re-distress all the previous pages the same way.

So the fight has begin and seems to be going the same way their first meeting went. Looks like Dr. Haunt was pretty much on the mark about her fairing badly. But we haven't seen what Hadley's secret journal or Dr. Hormone's pill will add to the mix. Maybe, just maybe, she might get out of this alive.
Left on SQDS-page 10
5th Oct 2017
Shannon is still recovering from whatever was in that pill when the Mist shows up. He wants something and he'll kill to get it. This is Shannon's big decision moment. There's a fear of failure but also the possibility of redemption.

So the fight begins on the back half of the story. There's seven more pages to wrap up this battle and the story.

Art-wise, I've found that not all black inks are truly black. There was trouble with the line work after the scan. I suspect the ink of the fiber pens is not as opaque as the Dr. Martin's ink and the adjustments I need to make fade out some of the pixels.
Left on SQDS-page 9
26th Sep 2017
This is the halfway point of the story, eight more pages after this.

So Shannon's life in the lab isn't as nice since Harry, or is it Harley, died. She has friends but Hawkins is definitely not one of them. But at least she seems to have gotten something out of all the reading she's been doing lately.
And Fate, our old friend, figures "In for a dime, in for a dollar" as he sees if he can turn the tide and give Spider Queen a fighting chance. But what exactly will that pill do? Does Fate even know it's a good idea? Guess time will tell.
And really, a guy like Dr. Hormone who specializes in turning people into animals, he works in a government lab? But considering what Hawkins is trying to do… Oh, I didn't reveal that yet. That will be for the future I guess.
Left on SQDS-page 8
22nd Sep 2017
Thanks for the input thing 1. I'll try to stay on course with the rest of the series.
Left on SQDS-page 7
thing 1 (Guest)
22nd Sep 2017
these are all great, dave. great idea using public domain characters. keeps the lawyers away!
keep up the great work.
i think i've said "great" enough.
Left on SQDS-page 7