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Comic profile: Earth P.D.
Earth P.D.
1940s public domain superheroes trying to save their multiverses from extinction.
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Comic language: English
Genre: Action
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Comic description

Forgotten public domain superheroes from the 1940s unite against a malevolent force that threatens to devour not only their worlds but their entire multiverse. Many superheroes from the 1940s were left behind when the Golden Age died. Copyrights were not renewed and these characters were left out in the cold. A few survived into the Silver Age and life renewed. But not all were so lucky. This is the story of those characters which were lost, but not fully forgotten.

This comic started out as a "can I recreate the four-color print process on crappy newspaper in a digital manner?" Well I'm still working out many of the kinks. Inking in Illustrator is not as easy as traditional inking. Distressing the pages for that 1940s look is an on-going project. But all in all I think it's doable. Just a hell of a lot of extra work.

Book One: The Phenomenal Phour, the start of the saga, see them brought together to fight Moletta the Queen of the Molemen and stop her from destroying the surface dwellers.

Book Two: Secret Origins tells the stories of five heroes and gives more information on the oncoming fight.

Book Three: Spider Queen/Dr. Styx has begun ahead of schedule.


Long time comic reader—new comic creator. I remember buying those early Marvel books in 1961. The artists that influenced me were: Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby, Jim Steranko, Will Eisner, and Wally Wood. The 40–50s is the style I draw.

The Earth P.D. series recreates the look and feel of the books from the 1940s. I use only the 64-color palette with no special effects from Illustrator or Photoshop. Penciling is still done on paper and scanned in. Inking is done with a combination of a set of brushes I both found and created. All color is flat tones using patterns of Ben-Day dot and lines to create shifts in tonal quality.

It's still a work in progress but with each page I find unique solutions to new problems.

Most recent comments left on Earth P.D.

20th Aug 2017
I'm finally back. The prep and recovery from the con was more tiring than I thought.

We find Spider Queen deciding to confront the Mist after Blue Flame told her she wasn't ready. And obviously she's got a long way to go with that witty banter that another web-slinger is known for. But then again, not every hero is can think on their feet that fast.

The Mist is a giant leap up from the muggers and petty criminals Spider Queen is used to and she finds out the hard way what this type of villain is capable of.

I guess she also finds out how inadequate her costume is for this line of work. I also wondered why several other heroines wore wigs while crime-fighting. Besides being easily dislodged, wigs can trap a lot of body heat and make the wearer uncomfortable.

But why is the Man In Black so adamant that Spider Queen fail so badly. Just more questions about him and Haunt that need answered.
Left on SQDS-page 4
12th Aug 2017
Try as I might I could not get the next page of Spider Queen completed before the con. So instead I present you with a character created not by me, but by two feuding copy editors.

I will explain the whole thing when there's more time. But everything about this character was too good to pass up and I've decided to give her a golden age origin complete with a few golden age antagonists.

I will be back after next weekend and will pick up the Spider Queen story promptly.

So, IS everything better separated by a semicolon?
Left on Coming Soon
9th Aug 2017
Ah yes, one of those boring exposition pages. But in order to setup the story we need them. Here Spider Queen's personality continues to be formed as is her "potential" relationship with Blue Flame. It's like watching two school children on their first date.

We do see that Blue Flame, unlike Spider Queen, remembers the before and after history of his life. Maybe Haunt and Fate got the process smoother out and these new recruits have a less bumpy rider.

With the Blue Flame leaving I'm guessing we're going to get into the main part of the story on the next page.
Left on SQDS-page 3
2nd Aug 2017
Just like other newbie superheroes, Spider Queen is a little apprehensive. She's unsure of just what she should do AND how to do it. That could mean a lot of hurt if she faced a competent foe.
And unlike a future web-spinner she certainly DOES NOT have the gift of gab. But maybe she'll learn in time. And how she sounds like a giddy schoolgirl when she meets the Blue Flame. Think she'll ever act like an adult around him?

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Left on SQDS-page 2
29th Jul 2017
I'm trying to get a page of three out before the con. Hopefully one of them will be the inside front cover with the "The Story So Far…"

here be the first page to the Spider Queen, the spider-like superheroine from the golden age with web shooters predating Spider-Man by over 20 years. So there is nothing new, right?

I was actually able to spend more time with the script than either of the two previous issues and the story should show a marked narrative improvement. It was slightly difficult in I attempted to squish a 21-page Spider-Man story into a 14-page Spider Queen story. Certain concessions were made, things were dropped, and what is left stands by itself fairly well.

So most of the major players are introduced, Spider Queen, Front-Page Peggy (from issue #2), the Blue Flame, and of course the Mist. Don't worry, he'll get to speak when he arrives in the book.

Regarding the artwork, one of the reasons for the delay was my working out the kinks of the new Ben-Day dot system. It's entirely new and works much better than the patters I was using. They are also 1000% more flexible. If you notice the skin tones, they now consist of small red dots (although in the JPG they appear as an old brown. But that's RGB for you. Also the lines in the Mist's cape are done with my new patterned Ben-Day lines. Ten times quicker than the old system of making lines and then doing a clipping path.

Page 2 is rough penciled and should be going to ink in the next day or so. If nothing goes wrong with the con prep, there should be three pages done before August 11th.

Story begins at
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