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Comic profile: Elzeron Chronicles
Elzeron Chronicles
Death, is only the beginning!
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Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
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Comic description

What if death was not the end of your life? What if death was only the beginning of a new chapter, far beyond anyone's imagination! What if your life, is only a page, compared to what maybe in store beyond the pearly gates?

Join Karius, a young High-Functioning Autistic boy, who discovers a very special gift when he helped to revive a long lost princess from deep within himself, exchanging his existence for her, and with him beginning a new existence as not just the princess's heart, but also that of an adolescent woman, and sixth member of 'The Legend Custodians.' With her help, and the Chronicle descendants of a messiah that has helped to free Elzeron from the tyranny of sin, they embark on an ineradicable adventure to reinstall Princess Zarah back on the throne of Galastria, and end the ravaging 'Civil War' that has happened soon after her disappearance. Only to discover that that is only a fraction to what they're about to confront, in their constant and longing battle between good and evil.

WARNING: This Yuri Manga Series is rated for a Mature Audience!!! May Contains strong language, nudity, and some Soft-Core Sexual Scenes.

PLEASE NOTE: Depending on the complication of scenes, character and/or background, the next comic page will take time from an average 2-3 days after the last page. Thank You for your patients!


The Author of the 'Elzeron' Series