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Enter World
WoW-themed Webcomic!
Last update: 6th Mar 2010, 2:59 PM

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In a distant realm of horrifying, endless schooldays five teenagers are spending their free time infront of computers. Suddenly one of them discovers that WoW has been installed to the local server! The brave hero proceeds to log in, breaching himself through the school's firewall. Soon he finds himself at a familiar situtation. To press the "Enter World" button or not to press! That's the question.

Wasting no time to think the alternatives he presses the button and...?

Find out what happens! Updates every Saturday!


Interested in all kins of media! Especially movies and drawing!

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“Dun dudah dah dun...”
For some reason, I keep hearing the Star Wars theme in my head when looking at the bottom of your comic! LOL!

Anyways! Can't wait for more! Get crackin!
“Comic Sans MS”
Yay for Comic Sans! *hi5*

Not too sure everyone'll agree with me, though :\

Aaanyway, let there be WoW!
In-depth analyzation (not really, but it sheds some light) at the bottom of the comic!
Author Note
“of Cairne”
I enjoyed this! Hooked my imagination right off. Keep it up. Thanks.
Thanks a ton! It somehow slipped past my checks. = ). Corrected!
Author Note