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Webcomic profile: Equilibrium
This helmeted hero's head may look like an egg, but there's no yolk inside it!
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Content flags: Violent Content
Language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 16th Apr 2018, 1:27 PM
Number of comics: 123
Number of subscribers: 22
Visitors: 12894 visitors (56470 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.88 (26 votes)

Webcomic description

This isn't complicated or subtle and barely has an underlying deeper meaning; it's simply overly colourful humour, violence and a little drama. A neon Fusion comic with a touch of retro SciFi, written by someone with a minor 1980s complex. And that shows.


Spatial aptitude? What's that?

Most recent comments left on Equilibrium

16th Apr 2018
I designed Cat's helmet without realising he'd need a reason for wearing it, especially since the other equilibrists are content with wearing cloth masks. This is a first hint.
Left on EQ5 - Page 10
30th Jan 2017
Robo2 is a legacy "artifact" from the original comic I wrote in 1998. The same goes for the creepy robot bird pinned to the wall on the previous page. They're the second and third oldest characters, with only Stardog being older, having been created in 1997. They'll be making appearances in this work as well.
Left on EQ5 - page 8
15th Jan 2017
Flemitu and Magnotu have already become friends. In the original only Cat had a couple of Tus, which he trained like Pokémon (they actually were Pokémon, but then in Cat's universe), but I decided not to use them as Cockfighters In Space for this version. Instead they're capable of absorbing energy from the environment and using it for themselves or passing it on to the Equilibrist they share an element with (Firecat for Flemitu, Thyristor for Magnotu, Thanatos for Vagotu, etc).
Left on EQ 5 page 7
21st Nov 2016
The weird "thing" bolted to the wall in the third panel is a robot bird called Vogel which I actually created a year before I created Cat but then forgot about. I wanted to include it in the webcomic character as a legacy character of sorts.

Welcome back, Vogel!
Left on EQ 5 - page 6
21st Oct 2016
He looks so cute when he's sleeping.
Left on EQ5 - Page 5