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When an otherworldly visitor taps on his window one night, Michael is forcibly thrust into a world of imperialistic aliens, government espionage, and young adults in homemade, scotch-taped superhero costumes trying to save their town - all while grappling with the fact that he is apparently not entirely human himself. Finding out what happened to his missing alien mom may be the key to saving everything he holds dear - and most importantly, his musical's opening night.

(Website currently under construction! Please don't mind the shitty blurry background from 2017; it'll be fixed <3)

(Launch Date: First quarter of 2021!)


Hi there! <3

I'm Nyomi, aka Lindsay, aka "does that dumb bitch still not have her comic up and going?" I'm a 19yo film major from Michigan who likes pop punk, drumming, shounens, and dogs. Dogs are so good. Please send me your dog pictures. If a mafia game is happening, I'll probably be around - otherwise, I might be lurking very sleep deprived in between college projects. Estellia will happen, mark my words - it won't fucking stop haunting my dreams until I do it. <3

Executive producer and marketing member of Survivor Michigan! :O
If you would like to watch Survivor Michigan, please come vibe! Yes, I am a shill, thank you for asking <3 Gotta put the skills I learned from mafia games on this website to use somehow!

On a personal note, here's my YouTube!

A prominent member of the Danny Phantom Phanclub. How mysterious that the show ran for two seasons with no creator and then ended after that? Wild. :^)