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Webcomic profile: Finding the Liminal Space
Finding the Liminal Space
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Language: English
Genre: Other
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Last update: 11 days ago, 4:00 PM
Number of comics: 86
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Webcomic description

Reflections on the surface of the river then shattered like glass violently thrown against its own likeness. There are pieces of me everywhere, and I can't find a damn one of them.


Spasmodic Sanity
Spasmodic Sanity
I see a spiral in a cup. Loose change left for me on the ground. I feel the bloated emptiness aching inside my heart. I can't go home. Memory chamber rotted away so I guess what could have been there. Shadows make shapes and within the gray I search them for meaning. Cracks jagged like lightning weaving through the dark skies let out white light. I miss you.

'I'm right here', you say.

I'm celebrating the 21 year anniversary of the love of my life this autumn, 2018. I'm going on a hiatus (officially, at least) on comic fury until February, 2019. I've been crawling through getting my master of fine arts. I'm exhausted but I'm very excited at the discoveries being made through this process. Cheers, all! See you in the dead of this coming winter. <3 -Otto

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Spasmodic Sanity
4th Dec 2017
Spasmodic Sanity
Is this... a new page???
Left on finding the liminal space
Spasmodic Sanity
14th Oct 2016
Spasmodic Sanity
Why, thank you kindly! I'm going to the hand-colouring because 1: my computer is getting crotchety and 2: I think I'm better at it than digital haha.

Now, to just find a way to enhance the lettering ha. (did I mention I hate lettering? Well, I hate lettering)

But thank you for the kind words. :)
Left on Finding the Liminal Space
13th Oct 2016
Whoa!! This is beautiful!
Left on Finding the Liminal Space
Spasmodic Sanity
11th Oct 2016
Spasmodic Sanity
Okay. Well... I'm just gonna stop saying I'm done being sick. I'm just gonna knock on wood, and keep drawing.
Left on Finding the Liminal Space
Spasmodic Sanity
9th Jun 2016
Spasmodic Sanity
"FTLS continues"
Hello, all.

I am pleased to announce I am still alive.

Been having some ugly health problems.

I have just noticed, though, that FTLS is still getting hits... I am still working on this story. There will be more, so long as I'm alive.

As of yesterday, I was able to layout "the next page"... I'm not entirely sure when it will be live, but since you all are still checking back, well, I thought I would drop this note to say thanks, and to let you guys 'n gals know the story will continue.

So that is that. After dinner tonight, I do plan on working on the finished version of the next page, and hope to have it live for you all soon.

Thank you so much for checking back in.

Left on Finding the Liminal Space