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Last update: 30th May 2020, 11:00 AM
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A webcomic for all ages following the adventures of Colin the Cow, Girlock Holmes, Gary and Paul, Gabby and Buster and many more...

Updates: Wednesday and Friday (usually)

(All finger puppets featured in these strips were created by Fiesta Crafts and can be bought here: http://www.fiestacrafts.co.uk/)


I'm a freelance writer and I write this webcomic in my free time. Whether or not I'm any good is for you to decide! Find my main site, with a full portfolio of my professional writing, here: www.TrustyWaterBlog.co.uk

Email: AdamGRandall@gmail.com

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Introducing Solin the Sea-cow, Noodles the Octopus and Mallory the Manatee.
Author Note
Although there were no new strips between the 499th and the 500th, I did want to post this. For International Friendship Day in 2019, I drew a big collage of all the friends who have made an impact on me - it was a nice way to improve my art skills!

I was quite proud of it and you'll see that Colin the Cow was included too, down at the bottom right. Big Finger Puppet Show fans (if any exist) will also recognise the Trusty Water Blog (who appeared in strips 344 and 500) beside him, David Tubb (who appeared in strips 17, 22, 47, 57, 272, 300 and 500), George Moore (who you won't recognise, but whose painting was in strips 151 and 152), Oscar Taylor-Kent (who wrote strip 110, whose character Frederica Williams appeared in strip 72 and who appeared himself in strips 300 and 500), Myrmidrayd (from strip 298), Anthony Nanson (from strips 451 and 467) and my friends Tulin, Chloe and Sophie (who all appeared in strip 300.)
Author Note
My 500th strip is finally complete! This took me a ridiculously long time to put together. I am glad, however, that 2019 did not pass without a new Finger Puppet Show strip! I hope to update this semi-regularly once again...
Author Note
A little MS Paint joke. If I do have characters with white shirts, they always go transparent on the background (unless I do something about it.)
Author Note
Real rabbits are for life though. Treat those precious creatures with respect.
Author Note