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Follow your dreams, into the sky
Last update: 5th Aug 2013, 1:18 AM
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Follow your dreams, no matter how high.
Follow your dreams into the sky.

Following a few rather lost individuals around the course of a soul's life is rather confusing. It always has been. But when old friends find each other again, even if their memories aren't from this existence, do they still count?



Good artists use deception to tell the truth. And BS, lots and lots of BS.

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This is all really pretty! Good job! I see why it takes so long to update, doing every page by hand with such detail.
I agree on needing a scanner. Most printers come with one built in now and they're fairly cheap. Something to look into? Brother seems to be a good/cheap brand. Now, I don't know how to fiddle with scanner settings but if anyone can, I'm sure you can figure it out.
Really need a new camera, not only does it not work half the time it is starting to put strange shadows on the page.
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Danger Schade
Awesome illustration!
I promise this will start making sense soon.
Author Note
Maybe this would be better if I had a scanner or a newer camera.
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