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Comic profile: Frank's adventures.
Frank's adventures.
The adventures of Frank Marshman, heir of Lethgard.
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Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 5 days ago
Number of comics: 7
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Comic description

Frank and Ferdinand, two rivalling cousins, get stuck with each other in an attempt to obey the orders of Franks father, the duke of Lethgard.


Jana Weijers
I used to draw a lot. I made illustrations, comics and I even studies animation for a while. Then I had children and spent most of my time with them. Now my children are older and I have more time on my hands. So I'm trying to get back into drawing now. To do that, I am making a comic about a character that has been with me since I was seventeen: Frank.

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Jana Weijers
13th Oct 2017
Duke Harold has assigned a bodyguard to protect his son. Frank is not very happy about it...

I started experimenting with hatching when working on this page. I remembered liking that in the past...
Left on Stuck with each other...
Jana Weijers
12th Oct 2017
Rebels are active in the duchy, so duke Harold has assigned his son a bodyguard. Frank does not like it, and when he complains to his cousin Ferdinand, it turns out that his bodyguard has something to say about the situation as well...
Left on A bodyguard with an opinion.
Jana Weijers
12th Oct 2017
Rebels are active in the duchy, so duke Harold wants his son to be safe. He assigns him a bodyguard... In fact, he picks the first guard he comes across and tells her she's now a bodyguard.
Left on Frank has a bodyguard.
Jana Weijers
12th Oct 2017
... Frank is not used to his father, giving him his way.
Left on To stay or not to stay...
Jana Weijers
3rd Feb 2017
Frank is called into the office of his father, the duke of Lethgard, for a talk.
As you can see, Harold is the patient, tactful kind of father... :P
Left on A talk with the duke.