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A nuclear winter wonderland!
Last update: 19th Jan 2014, 4:06 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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It's the not to distant future, and someone somewhere screwed up big time. Nobody is really sure what happened, but someone pushed the big red button and now most of North America is frozen solid. Follow our hero as he tackles such adventures as: Exploring the ruins of civilization! Meeting other desperate survivors! Fighting of packs of feral dogs! Cooking then eating those same feral dogs! Not to mention crushing boredom and loneliness...oh and cannibals, marauders, and pseudo-military organizations that are all out to try and make life rough for the average Joe.


Ryan C.
Ryan C.
What to say?

I draw comics because it's fun.

I like to do things that are fun.

Reading comics is fun too, so I'll probably do a little of that also.

I find other things fun as well.

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This was a great comic.

There aren't anywhere near enough post-apocalyptic stuff out there, so it's always nice to see one.
Gas mask has standards. That's a rare thing indeed
murder that fool
I like the tin man
Corn, eh?

More like creamed people

Also, I love how gas-mask has a glove and a mitten.