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How are things going on your side?

I still wish you all the best!

Take good care.

I'm so glad you're alive!!
I think it is pretty important to do what we feel to do with our life, so enjoy your new projects... and let us know if we can access to anything else you might be doing in the meantime!
Thanks for all you've done.
At least you are safe and well. I wish you luck on your new endeavors, and many thanks for the great memories.
Diane, BlakliteLuminus, Us, and everyone else; it's been a while since I checked up on things on here. I just wanted to clarify what happened and why I stopped. The ultimate crux of it is that I moved on to other things and lost interest in doing this comic. I'm not saying that I will never come back to doing this again, but at this point the comic is on an indefinite hiatus.
“The Diane”
Would you come back soon?