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Glomshire Knights
Medieval misadventures -- with extra added vitamins!
Last update: 2nd Sep 2015, 12:32 AM
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The misadventures of the inhabitants of Glomshire, a medieval(ish)land of undetermined origin. LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group, which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this comic (and we don't blame them!)


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Take as long as you need. I hope you are doing well.
your gona fall throu the flor
Glomshire Knights has been on hiatus due to a tragic personal loss in early November, but I am now revising the upcoming storyline and hope to have new episodes going live by early March. Thanks for your patience and your good wishes ~ Dennis
RIP Glomshire Knights! You will never be forgotten...
Just wanted to let you know that you should feel free to take as much time as you need. Obviously, a family emergency is more important than keeping a regular webcomic schedule.