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Comic profile: Gnomeregan Forever
Gnomeregan Forever
A Comic About The World of Warcraft, Gnomes, Myself, and Life
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Content flags: Violent ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 30th Jul 2018, 5:07 PM
Number of comics: 132
Number of subscribers: 17
Visitors: 98400 visitors (353585 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (72 votes)

Comic description

Not a true comic. More of a grab bag of stuff that I come up with that doesn't fit within Trigonometry. " It may develop into a spinoff comic. We'll see."

Well, I guess it's pretty clear Gnomeregan Forever is a true comic.


I am a digital artist with a love of online gaming, especially World of Warcraft.

Most recent comments left on Gnomeregan Forever

1st Aug 2018
You are welcome, Dicey. ^^
Left on Stormwind University-Live, pg. 12
Dicey (Guest)
30th Jul 2018
Thank you for the comic Trig! I love it!!
Left on Stormwind University-Live, pg. 12
Mags (Guest)
18th Mar 2018
So, why did the jerkwad who is 100 times bigger than Chara need a strength potion? Is the big ole bully to weak to boot a cute & adorable widdle gnome wiff out no help? (bites lips as she walks away).
Left on Stormwind University-Live, pg. 11
Mags (Guest)
5th Mar 2018
Thank you for the correction of Pocksii, was a little confused after the previous panel where we met his daughter.

Yep, he is a cute old fart.

And Brett dear, at my age in life, this was a wonderful birthday present. I have tried teaching my kids that heart gifts are way better than gifts gotten with money.
Left on Stormwind University-Live, pg. 11
4th Mar 2018
Pocksii is a priest of the Light. His title is Father. The guard used it as a sign of respect.

Pocksii is a cute old fart, isn't he? I look forward to working with him more in the comic.

The jerkwad (hee hee) used a strength potion to enhance his ability to punt Chara. The potion caused the kick to be much stronger than a typical kick. That's why Chara's injuries are so extensive. Well, that and her inexperience with combat.

And it was my pleasure to provide you with the only birthday present I could. :)
Left on Stormwind University-Live, pg. 11