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Webcomic profile: Gospelman the Strip
Gospelman the Strip
Christian Comics
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Language: English
Genre: Gag-a-day
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 21st Jul 2018, 4:00 AM
Number of comics: 8
Number of subscribers: 3
Visitors: 5200 visitors (8622 pages viewed)
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Webcomic description

Ted Silverman becomes the superhero Gospelman to teach the truth of God's Word in this gag-a-day version of the webcomic. All-ages humor for Christian readers; non-Christians welcome! Updates periodically.


My name is Will Boyer. As a child, I thought I was a Christian, but as a 14-year-old I realized I had never repented of my sins. I asked God to forgive me. At the age of 17, I heard God's voice command me to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Coupled with my passion to be a cartoonist, I am creating Christian comics. My secular comics can be found at and at

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21st Oct 2018
Left on Jesus Saves!
21st Jul 2018
The Patreon

It's another updated comic strip, fellow Gospel Chums! Not that it's been uploaded here before, but it has been on the other Gospelman websites and used as a front cover to the Free Series Preview printed issue!

This image, more of a character pin up, was turned into one of the comic strips some time ago! It's kind of a "character bible" image for how I would continue to draw Gospelman from here on out! This design is used in the Gospelman Adventures series starting with the story, "The Cross of Grime Alley!" The art style is inspired by the art style of some superheroes featured on a children's Gospel tract - bonus points if you can find it!

What did I update? Actually, a few things, but most notably Gospelman's missing utility belt has once again been inserted in! I also moved the logo on the chest and edited it a bit. I was never satisfied with it's placement. It needed to be centered, even if that obscured the logo. As a matter of fact, I might also edit his left hand in the future, too! It wouldn't be the first time I've edited that hand, but it's still not quite right...

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Left on Jesus Saves!
12th Jul 2018
The Patreon

Hello, Gospel Chums!

Here's today's Creator Commentary! I was excited to upload this comic strip! This was originally meant to be strip #5! Originally drawn in 2011, I was waiting until I had time to correct the line art and color it. While I was at it, I took the liberty of editing Gospelman to look like his final design, pronounced chin and Gospel Utility Belt and all. I hope you like it, Gospel Chums!

While I was at it, I update several of the older strips to include the Gospel Utility Belt. If you read back in the archive, you will eventually see the updated images instead of the originals.

So, what is a "Gospel Chum," anyway? I've been saying this a lot, kind of like the official greeting on the Gospelman websites. This is inspired by Adam West era Batman's use of the phrase, "Old Chum," towards Robin. Gospelman is based somewhat on this era of Batman, the Bright Knight and not the dark, brooding knight. A chum is a friend. So, what is a Gospel chum? A Gospel chum is a fellow Gospel believer, a brother or sister in Christ! It also denotes being a fan of the Gospelman comics, much as "Ghosthead" or "Webhead" might be what you call a fan of the Ghostbusters or of Spiderman. Or of Spiderman himself, honestly! The more you know.

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Left on Reflect Him!
12th Mar 2018
The Patreon

Creator's Commentary:

I conceived this in 2014. Today I think I would have instead written Gospelman as preaching against spreading the Gospel by means of defacing public property, but back then I just thought this was humorous and cute. :-) Maybe I'll have a Gospelman Adventures story in which I use this one time gag as a means of Gospelman reaching a graffiti artist or teaching a Christian that defacing public property in the name of Christ is wrong with Gospelman himself showing repentance over doing this. I've been writing Gospelman as a Golden Age superhero who isn't allowed to do anything wrong as he needs to be a good role model, but I realize lately that I need to show him humbling himself and repenting if he is to be a role model for Christians at all. But I am uncomfortable with marring the character's reputation or image among readers. Maybe using this graffiti comic strip canonically for a later Adventure story is one way I could do this without going too far out of my current comfort zone.

More Creator Commentary from the Patreon post of this comic strip:

Anyway, I was later concerned with how I portrayed the vandal as a black teenager. I'm not saying that black young people don't enjoy graffiti, they do and I know some, but I mean that I published this before I was able to publish any Gospelman comics featuring Gospelman's best friend from his college football days, a co-star of the series, Bob Jefferson! The character was created by Richard Best, my co-writer on the series, but I admit that he and his family weren't scripted as a black family nor as Gospelman's old college buddy. I added those elements in later. Bob and his wife and two children will become a part of the main cast of both the kids and older readers comics series in the future! I think it's imperative that comics, especially Christian comics, have role models that the readers, especially younger readers, can relate to. A cast of positive Christian role models that are not restricted to only white people is necessary and will become a part of this comic in the future. To restrict any ethnicity to negative roles only would be irresponsible at best. But it will take a long while for me to get the scripts written and artwork done. Please, stay tuned!

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Left on Evandelism
PJ McLaughlin (Guest)
13th May 2017
"I love it. "
My son and I enjoy these very much. Thank you for making it possible.
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