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Comic profile: Gratz
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Content flags: Violent Content
Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 3 days ago
Number of comics: 951
Number of subscribers: 22
Visitors: 150803 visitors (1033171 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.98 (641 votes)

Comic description

A world of warcraft inspired comic, Fun and enjoyable is the goal with wit and evolving stories. Join in the adventurers with Vancore a massive Tauren warrior his girl Starfire a power loaded druid, the Troll brothers Red and Green. And their good friend the old Orc war vet Gorak! With an adventure around every corner that will leave you saying wow, you'll just never know what will happen next through all three books!

After Gratz is Solace! Another World of warcraft comic with my own twist. What happens when a good girl meets a bad boy? A whole lot of trouble! But just to mix things up She also needs to save the her home, the kingdom in the sky! So join Arua and Cer'veja every week as they battle against all odds!

Spirit of Adventure: After the Solace trilogy Arua and Cer'veja adventures continue in a new land with three kingdoms! Find out what adventure is to be found every week!

Updated every Monday! lets start that week off right!


I'm doing this for fun, I'm having fun doing it and I hope others are having fun reading it.

Most recent comments left on Gratz

19th Jul 2017
Wasn't expecting that song. Heard it at work just a few days ago.
Left on Party in the town
17th Jul 2017
Was this by any chance inspired by the ending of Conan the Barbarian where he is pictured as the eventual king? Because that was the first thing this image reminded me of. That same level of intensity; that same fierceness, being the culmination of a movie filled with ferocity.

Or maybe not.

Regardless, this is an Arua we haven't seen before. In fact, a dangerous, dangerous Arua. You're putting the light and The Shadow together to compelling effect, and suggesting this may be a cruel arc, character development wise. Maybe Arua has a few more of those difficult decisions ahead in the coming weeks.

Am I ready for the next chapter?

Cry Havoc, and let slip the Archons of War.
Left on Cries of War
17th Jul 2017

~Party rock is in the TOWN tonight.
Everybody just have a good time.
And we gonna make you LOSE your mind (BOOM)
Everybody just have a good time....~
Left on Party in the town
17th Jul 2017
I will avoid saying that a heart of gold needs a cold heart to protect it. And at least Veja asked questions first and shot later. I don't exactly agree with his solution, but harsh times.

He is going to have to let Arua know what is going on, if not precisely what happened here. I sense it's going to become important for her to know that people are going to be trying to play her off against each other. She's not going to like that regardless of the intent.
Left on Do you see the flags rising?
17th Jul 2017
Veja said she needed one. Good to see him thinking about her well-being.

Also good to see him thinking ahead. He's probably wondering how that inept doofus of a doctor was able to mastermind this plan. That is, assuming he didn't "query" the good doc once he regained consciousness.
Left on Party in the town