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Genre: Fantasy
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A world of warcraft inspired comic, Fun and enjoyable is the goal with wit and evolving stories. Join in the adventurers with Vancore a massive Tauren warrior his girl Starfire a power loaded druid, the Troll brothers Red and Green. And their good friend the old Orc war vet Gorak! With an adventure around every corner that will leave you saying wow, you'll just never know what will happen next through all three books!

After Gratz is Solace! Another World of warcraft comic with my own twist. What happens when a good girl meets a bad boy? A whole lot of trouble! But just to mix things up She also needs to save the her home, the kingdom in the sky! So join Arua and Cer'veja every week as they battle against all odds!

Spirit of Adventure: After the Solace trilogy Arua and Cer'veja adventures continue in a new land with three kingdoms! Find out what adventure is to be found every week!

Updated every Monday! lets start that week off right!


I'm doing this for fun, I'm having fun doing it and I hope others are having fun reading it.

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That was a very good read, thanks for sharing.
Left on Camp fire laughs.
Well good morning to Arua and good morning to you all!

I've been sitting on this joke for almost two years now! Decided I had to actually try and use it or it would never happen.

(next update 3-27-19)
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JSStryker (Guest)
It is just like I said in Pandaria, "I am working WITH you (Horde/alliance), not FOR you and you better learn the difference". As for a war between the Horde and Alliance other than at the very beginning of the expansion you could fool me that both sides are at war with each other.
Left on Camp fire laughs.
1. It's just as bad Alliance side for different reasons. True to form, Alliance are...not bad guys. The Alliance come to Kul Tiras not just to secure their navy, oh no, but to SAVE the Kul Tirans from themselves. Elements within KT are actively working to topple the established order, and the White Knights of Eastern Kingdom arrive to save the day. We rout pirates and the seditious Asvane Company in Tirasgarde Sound (stopping briefly to practice for a horse show/rodeo); we exorcise witches and cultists in Drustvar (and face off with the spirit of Pamela Redpath on crack); and confront the "deep" seated corruption in Stormsong, in a plot that is revealed all too early and easily. Jaina, Ms. Powerful arch mage, shows up once in Tirisgarde, and you only see her again after the opening scenario if you actually do the War Campaign. Which is mind-numbing. Literally the only time you see Greymane do anything is if you do an assault, and it's just his voice over. He may as well never leave the Portmaster's office in Borealus.

2. Sylvanas is cringe-worthy throughout. Sylvanas has never NOT been evil since she was corrupted into a banshee by Arthas. You could not play through Wc3 and not understand this. The only reason she wasn't identified as such in Wrath was because she was also fighting the Lich King and we halfway gave anyone that was a buy. The Forsaken have never been an easy fit in the Horde. It's been a marriage of convenience and shielding. Sylvanas is all about protecting Sylvanas, and the Forsaken are buffer between Sylvanas and oblivion. The Sylvanas that was shown rationalizing the war as a way to push the Alliance out of Kalimdor and put an ocean between them? That was the fake Sylvanas. The Sylvanas that burned Teldrassil out of spite? That was leaded Sylvanas.

3. I would have sworn I heard you make the case that the player had become TOO important after WoD and Legion. I thought you were looking forward to just being a foot soldier again. But you are correct, BfA is a complete reversal of Legion. A friend on Twitter posted a SS where Liadrin was saying "give yourself a rest, paladin, you deserve it." In Legion, this player was the Highlord, and Liadrin had been working for HIM. Even the Speaker for the Horde, is nothing more than a mule ordered hither and yon. Moo-haw....

4. It is dull. I am literally playing now so I can help Baine. I'm keeping up with this in the hope that I can free him from prison, and possibly help him become Warchief. Given the recent track record of everyone that holds that position, I'm not sure why I wish it for him. I'm not having fun, I'm not enjoying the story, I'm not in a guild so have no one to raid with or M+ with. I'm a gear spindle, accumulating more gear so that the fauna becomes less of an irritation than it is. And now I'm having to do it on two characters if I want the "Two Sides" achievement. It's not fun, it's a series of chores, amplified by the horrendous frack-up that is the gear system in this expansion. Just today I completed two emissaries for two pieces of 385 Azerite gear that were completely useless, while still stuck with a 370 weapon. And as a P.S., while the WQ gear rewards scale to a point, they stop at 355, and the Assaults award nothing higher than 370. Fail.

For what it's worth, Elliot Lefebvre, editor of Massively Overpowered, agrees with you. He's done a 4-part series on what he sees wrong with the expansion, the last part of which is THE STORY.

To really make his point, he even wrote what could have been a better version HERE.
Left on Camp fire laughs.
2 days ago
Good to hear it still hits the marks for you. I think that a very impotent question to ask our selves at the end of the day is. "Do I enjoy this?" And I'm glad for you the answer is yes!

Keep that smile on!
Left on Camp fire laughs.