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A world of warcraft inspired comic, Fun and enjoyable is the goal with wit and evolving stories. Join in the adventurers with Vancore a massive Tauren warrior his girl Starfire a power loaded druid, the Troll brothers Red and Green. And their good friend the old Orc war vet Gorak! With an adventure around every corner that will leave you saying wow, you'll just never know what will happen next through all three books!

After Gratz is Solace! Another World of warcraft comic with my own twist. What happens when a good girl meets a bad boy? A whole lot of trouble! But just to mix things up She also needs to save the her home, the kingdom in the sky! So join Arua and Cer'veja every week as they battle against all odds!

Spirit of Adventure: After the Solace trilogy Arua and Cer'veja adventures continue in a new land with three kingdoms! Find out what adventure is to be found every week!

Updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! Let's make it a good week!


I'm doing this for fun, I'm having fun doing it and I hope others are having fun reading it.

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tirea,remember that little voice that tells you to quit while your ahead, Now is a good time!
"I brought some extra blankets for the wounded, and was just standing here silently thinking about them."

Sloppy work = Not having your cover story worked out.
Stuff and things, the universal "I don't want to brake down what I'm doing." Answer. It's a good thing Tirea handles presser so well.

I actually had to edit the first panel because I realized we never saw who she was talking to until the end. Yes we could have extrapolated that information based on the last page, I think it works better to keep establishing the who's in conversation.

(next update 7-10-20)
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Hey look, a competent guard!

One of my pups absolutely hates fireworks and thunder. She'll claw at you for cuddles, shake, pant, and actually climb into the tub.
17 pound Mudsnapper might be a bit overkill.