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Comic profile: Gratz
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Content flags: Violent Content
Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Today, 2:01 PM
Number of comics: 1140
Number of subscribers: 30
Visitors: 188500 visitors (1662518 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.98 (873 votes)

Comic description

A world of warcraft inspired comic, Fun and enjoyable is the goal with wit and evolving stories. Join in the adventurers with Vancore a massive Tauren warrior his girl Starfire a power loaded druid, the Troll brothers Red and Green. And their good friend the old Orc war vet Gorak! With an adventure around every corner that will leave you saying wow, you'll just never know what will happen next through all three books!

After Gratz is Solace! Another World of warcraft comic with my own twist. What happens when a good girl meets a bad boy? A whole lot of trouble! But just to mix things up She also needs to save the her home, the kingdom in the sky! So join Arua and Cer'veja every week as they battle against all odds!

Spirit of Adventure: After the Solace trilogy Arua and Cer'veja adventures continue in a new land with three kingdoms! Find out what adventure is to be found every week!

Updated every Monday! lets start that week off right!


I'm doing this for fun, I'm having fun doing it and I hope others are having fun reading it.

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It's funny to go back and see those old pages and think about how good I thought they where at the time. It is also good to look at pages now and see how far I've come and to wonder about how far I will still go.
Left on Really gone out of it
Another year is down!! It's been a rough year failed ads, with several times of only being able to do two pages a week I think it's safe to say the average page count is going take a huge hit. There have also been some good things! We spent this whole last year exploring the kingdom of a thousand lands! Arua has gotten her head back in the game. Adding new vote pages and a pinterest page. Now let's take a look at things.

Subscribers: 30 a gain of 4
Average rating: 4.98/5.0
Overall visitors: 188,237
pages: 130 new pages
Pages per week: 2.5

Ya that page count took a hit. But the subscribers continues to grow! Thanks everyone for putting up with a rough year, the rough patch still isn't quiet over yet but it's coming to an end. I hope to set up my school and work scheduled for the spring to be more tame and allow me to get back to the three pages per week plan using the split updates! I hope you all enjoy the next year and I will try my hardest to make the next year fun.

cya tomorrow I guess.
(next update 11-22-18)
Left on Gratz 6 years
Bushes. *cough* ...Bad cold. *cough*

"Messed up?" Arua? "Messed Up"?

We're not counting The One Time because she didn't know what was coming.

SO...all 3 of them had...BAD fishing TRIPS from the bad fish. ...This could cause an incredible amount of bad stuff. And it's very fishy.

Vote wise: Comic is slightly ahead of last month, but position-wise is currently at #321, which is down from last week, mostly because the weekend voting was down. Let's see how much we can pick up this week.
Left on Really gone out of it
2 days ago
Hmm, well... I guess those bushes grow in convenient ways. Well I hope everyone had a good weekend.

Wow time sure does fly...
(next update 11-21-18)
Left on Really gone out of it
3 days ago
Little frilly lizard is the good part of nature, like the part that gives us peaches and fat fluffy puppies.
Left on who made this mess