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Comic profile: Guardian For An Angel
Guardian For An Angel
We all need someone to protect us!
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Content flags: Violent Content
Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 30th Apr 2017
Number of comics: 19
Number of subscribers: 2
Visitors: 321 visitors (765 pages viewed)
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Comic description

Even angels have to choose their path; either to judge, to fight or to protect. And to do that, they must choose and complete a trial.
After finding herself lost in the World of Mortals, an angel youngling Yvonne has to face her trial without a mentor, who was awaiting for her far away...


Most recent comments left on Guardian For An Angel

17th Feb 2017
Ithir El is more of a neutral character, preoccupied with his chores and routine as the Death in Mortal World. He used to be the third Council Angel, but left this post, killing (out of mercy) the one he was supposed to save. Ithir El's controversial understanding of compassion brought him before the Council as an accused. He was sentenced to become the Death, nevertheless his punishment became his boon, for long ago he percieved that this path was destined for him.
Left on Ithir El
16th Feb 2017
I think I'll call this one Bloodhornes. He's not really a demon, but rather a monster - underheller. He is cruel, bloodthirsty and quite insane. Unlike most of his kin, Bloodhornes hunts also his own kind and has his own understanding of "good" and "evil" (thinking of himself as just "not evil").
Left on Bloodhorns
16th Feb 2017
Ludar is quite reserved, calm and nonchalant... At least, while nobody is trying to hunt him. This demon could be considered quite handsome even among the angels; however, his harsh, indifferent and unwelcoming demeanor dispels all natural charm. His dark sense of humor, though typical for demons, scares even his own kin. Nevertheless, he can be kind and thoughtful when he wants to...
Left on Ludar
16th Feb 2017
Meet Yvonne, one of the main characters of my comic! She is constantly dealing with her shyness and willingness to change something. She was brought up as a typical angel youngling, knowing she must protect humankind and avoid dealing with demons.
Left on Yvonne
15th Feb 2017
Yvonne has much to learn... And the first thing is how to keep her mouth shut in some moments...
Btw, I'll stick to my new style. Hope, you will like it!
Left on Chapter 1. Page 6