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Chivalry is Undead
Last update: 18th May 2020, 4:00 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
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HOTD&D is a Campaign Comic which runs the anime/manga Highschool of the Dead as a D&D-ish style campaign, starring the sparkling personalities of insane Otaku gamers playing the characters from the anime. See a Campaign Comic as played not by weird gaming nerds but by creepy Otaku nerds, for whom the concepts of 'normal' and 'sanity' rarely apply.


A fair hand at image editing, still working on my script writing ability. Expect most of my works to be co-authored by GrinningFox27.
I am the Co-Author and Scriptwriter for the Webcomic Highschool of the D&D (HOTD&D). Twenty something Otaku, Nurse and high-functioning sociopath who loves language, writing & roleplaying.

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Well I'm caught up on what's come out recently.
As much as I love Oingo Boingo, Little Girls is not the song of their's I'd sing with my friends. Though it is kind of fun imagining Guy and Bruno singing it, if just for the weird and kind of creepy factor.
Hey it's back!
...and I just realized all these comics have alt-text and have now reread the whole thing in entirety.
Keep up the good work!
Oh dear. Hope that isn't nothing serious. Best wishes of recovering!
Sorry about the lack of comics, folks. Partner is down with some medical stuff right now so we're taking the rest of this week off. Will resume normal updates next Monday.
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