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Comic profile: Happenstance
A Photographic Novel
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Comic language: English
Genre: Drama
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Yesterday
Number of comics: 34
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Rating: 5 (15 votes)

Comic description

A photographic comic about religion, relationships, and how changes in one can produce changes in the other.


Stephen Frug
Stephen Frug
Stephen Saperstein Frug is a writer, photographer and (now) webcomicer who lives in Ithaca, NY.

Most recent comments left on Happenstance

Stephen Frug
25th Sep 2017
Stephen Frug
I am delighted to be able to say that the Alpha Centauri monument — purely hypothetical when this story takes place, as well as when it was scripted & photographed — has, in the past decade, been built. It's there, in Hawaii. I haven't ever been, it I hope to some day. In the meantime, the Science Center's page on the monument is here:
Left on Happenstance pp66-67
Stephen Frug
31st Aug 2017
Stephen Frug
IMAGE CREDIT: Arial image of Ithaca, NY used as the background taken from the New York State Interactive Mapping Gateway Site.
Left on Happenstance pp52-53
Stephen Frug
24th Aug 2017
Stephen Frug
In 2007, when this story takes place (it was written in 2006), there was, in fact, no asteroid monument in the Sagan Planet Walk. Since then one has been added: it's not microscopic because it departs from the usual format of 'standard-sized window containing to-scale planet'. Actually it contains a bit of a real-live asteroid, which is cool. But the conversation reflects the reality at the time the comic was written & during which the story is set.
Left on Happenstance pp48-49
Stephen Frug
21st Aug 2017
Stephen Frug
I like that this astronomical-centered page — more of the Planet Walk from last time: it'll continue for the rest of this chapter, i.e. quite a number of pages (they've got to get all the way to Pluto, after all!) — is coming out the day of the U.S. total eclipse (here in Ithaca, a 70% eclipse).

It wasn't planned this way; it's just... Happenstance.

But I like it.
Left on Happenstance pp46-47
Stephen Frug
17th Aug 2017
Stephen Frug
The Sagan Planet walk, which is featured in the sequence beginning on page 45, is, of course, a real place:
Left on Happenstance pp44-45