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Comic profile: Happenstance
A Photographic Novel
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Comic language: English
Genre: Drama
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Yesterday, 1:40 PM
Number of comics: 119
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Rating: 5 (57 votes)

Comic description

A photographic comic about religion, relationships, and how changes in one can produce changes in the other.


Stephen Frug
Stephen Frug
Stephen Saperstein Frug is a writer, photographer and (now) webcomicer who lives in Ithaca, NY.

Most recent comments left on Happenstance

Stephen Frug
11 days ago
Stephen Frug
The image of p. 230, pn4 is a combination of the famous image from Leonardo Da Vinci’s
notebooks and a a crucifixion painting by Raphael.
Left on Happenstance pp230-231
juliet.headrick (Guest)
Two weeks ago
not seeing faces does not rule out particularity, just maybe requires a little more creativity to see the particular in voices, dress (for J, depiction of wounds_ etc
Left on Happenstance pp94-95
juliet.headrick (Guest)
Two weeks ago
if everything is worth nothing does it follow that nothing is worth everything?
Left on Happenstance pp74-75
Stephen Frug
21st May 2018
Stephen Frug
Suzanne: Thanks! Delighted you are enjoying it.

My understanding is that the Nicene Creed was shared among most Christian denominations (save, e.g., the Mormons), but obviously I could be way off on its cultural connotations. If anyone out there is evangelical & has a thought, I'd love to hear more views on this.
Left on Happenstance pp48-49
Suzanne Campbell (Guest)
17th May 2018
Loving it so far! But I wouldn't expect an evangelical Christian to recite the Nicene Creed in response to that question. (A Catholic like me probably would.)
Left on Happenstance pp48-49