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Comic profile: Happenstance
A Photographic Novel
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Comic language: English
Genre: Drama
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 2 days ago, 10:57 AM
Number of comics: 144
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Rating: 5 (57 votes)

Comic description

A photographic comic about religion, relationships, and how changes in one can produce changes in the other.


Stephen Frug
Stephen Frug
Stephen Saperstein Frug is a writer, photographer and (now) webcomicer who lives in Ithaca, NY.

Most recent comments left on Happenstance

Stephen Frug
20th Sep 2018
Stephen Frug
Len — not late at all; party's at full blast, I'd say! Thank you for reading!

And thank you for your feedback on both the creed/confirmation issue. Great to get all these perspectives.
Left on Happenstance pp48-49
Len (Guest)
18th Sep 2018
Super late to this party, but here I am. I wasn't evangelical exactly, but grew up generically Protestant (Presbyterian church in Canada).
In my experience it was the Apostle's Creed not the Nicene that was most common. I suspect that many evangelical churches place little or no emphasis on any traditional creed.

Also, back a bunch of pages, there was the question of confirmation within the evangelical church. As far as I know, that's not really a thing. You would have people officially joining the church, but that wouldn't be called confirmation. For a ~12 year old evangelical a baptism might be a better example of a big event requiring family members to attend.
Left on Happenstance pp48-49
Stephen Frug
2nd Aug 2018
Stephen Frug
The image on Page 245, panels 1-8 (fading) is Jan Gossaert, Descent from the Cross.
Left on Happenstance pp244-245
Stephen Frug
30th Jul 2018
Stephen Frug
The image in final panel of Page 243 (plus fragments of it above) is Raphael, Blessing Christ.
Left on Happenstance pp242-243
Guest (Guest)
22nd Jul 2018
I love the visual progression to emptiness on these pages-effectively ominous
Left on Happenstance pp174-175