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A journey for answers turns into the Adventure of a lifetime
Last update: 17th Sep 2021, 2:00 PM
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Haztus has lived alone in his family home since the disappearance of his parents who he claims were taken by a monster. shy and timid he tends to keep to himself except for when his best friend Quil drags him out to try new things. things get chaotic when they meet a strange girl. monsters, magic, and a quest to find answers awaits


Hiya! call me Cheddar just a cat, self taught/teaching artist ( lots to learn still) by hobby, you can find my art galleries at

@Cheddarcat twitter

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☠dead already?
Hello? Is anyone here?

Just checking....
And everyone should keep saying that.
Happy Birthday to Haztus!

Happy Birthday to Haztus!

Happy BIRTHDAY...I have no idea what I'm doing....
Woo it's officially been one year since i started Haztus. didn't get as much as i'd hoped in the first year but with everything considering not too bad so far
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