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Head Room
The weekly misadventures of Hooper and Rosewood
Last update: 5 days ago, 12:00 AM
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Head Room is a three panel black ink strip that I update every Sunday. My main influences are Jim Davis' Garfield and Tim Buckley's Ctrl+Alt+Del but I won't even pretend to be able to draw as well as them. Head Room is basic in its look but (hopefully) sophisticated in its dialogue. My plan is for the banter between the two characters, Hooper and Rosewood (names plucked from Jaws and Beverley Hills Cop), to be the main focus of the strip.

Lets hope I'm not wrong.


I don't wish to be cliche but I won't expect people to want to read lots of fluff about me. I'm hoping that people will just want to read my comic. As well as here, Head Room is also available at the following locations:


I also plan to host this strip through another site called Comic Rocket as they turned me on to Comic Fury in the first place.

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“Opinion pole”
Exactly my thinking. Providing you don't stumble towards it first thing in the morning in a half asleep state and fall down the hole.
“The winter of dis-content”
I'm sure we used to do more stuff, when the amount of content we could create and consume was less.
Just think of the time it will save!
It makes me wonder, have we always been such a consumer, or did we used to do stuff?
“Resistance is futile!”
Almost like they knew...

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