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annoying the dead. updates tuesdays
Last update: 27th Nov 2019, 6:42 AM
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Four friends that hunt, help, and bother ghosts that haven't been devoured by Helsirvente yet.


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I realised you haven’t been updating in a while even before I started reading what I hadn’t covered of Helsirvenre since I left off last. It’s still prob one of my fav webcomics ever and what I hadn’t read only confirmed that. The gang is as charming as ever and I obviously you’ve levelled up the art here at the end too!

You do you and with best wishes and cake too because you’ve not a single obligation towards anyone but yourself if you decide never to pick this one up again... but damn I miss Edith and co!

(Hope you’re doing well!)
Been awaiting moar, and just saw the tweet about life feelings versus art output. Hope you continue to feel better, but also hoping this project doesn't get dropped - Love reading it.
I like how the red ghost starts out big and scary and is TALKING IN ALL CAPS - then is like “ok I’m tired now” lol.
Your great well love no matter how you Arange it
This series is epic