Intergalactic Bounty Hunter Hera
A creative, sci-fi reimagining of classic mythology.
Last update: 23rd Jul 2016, 5:52 AM
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
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Intergalactic Bounty Hunter Hera is a creative re-imagining of some of the stories of ancient mythology, including Greek/Roman, Egyptian, and Norse, among others. We join Hera near the beginnings of her venture into independance from the Olympian Empire. She's travelling the galaxy in search of the ellusive items needed to reactivate her mysterious ship, the Dracon, with the help of a crew of space pirates known as the Centaurs and her holographic personal database device.
Currently on a break from production. Paused but not forgotten. Hera will return...


GriffinJay, AKA Jason de Boer, is a Canadian cartoonist, griffin enthusiast (though it doesn't show in his art because he doesn't feel the need to push the awesomeness of griffins on others,) and reverse vampire. He has always been a fan of Star Wars, Marvel comics and an on/off anime fan.
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Wow. This one took an unusually long time to produce. I think I allowed myself to get distracted by other future projects too much this week.
Author Note
Booyah! I nailed it with the Hydraworms this time! Their mouths look way better in this page than the last.
Yes, they regenerate that fast.

Iolaus may seem like a total f-up right now, but trust me, there is an explanation for it that will come up later.

I also got the lineart to darken properly this time. I think this page looks much cleaner than the last.
Author Note
I've always been quite proud of what I made the Nemean Lions look like in the end. Makes me want to have the characters come back to this planet at some point in the future.
Or maybe I'll introduce a character who has "tamed" one for a pet/bodyguard...
..Not foreshadowing. I literally just thought of that right now. Who knows if I'll use it.
Author Note
This page was fun. I still haven't decided if I plan on outright using course language in this series occationally, but I think the way I have her get cut off by what happens at the start of the next page was the best way to go in this case.

Besides, you don't know that she wasn't about to say "Fudge" or "Fubar" or "Fiddlesticks!" ;)
I realized after the fact that the order of the speech balloons in the first panel aren't as clear as they could be. "Augh, that sucked" then "Bad news, Hera" then "Thanks, that's very helpful" if you weren't sure.

Otherwise, I'm very pleased with how I executed this page this time around. My first draft involved the classic cartoon trick of foating eyes in the dark, but it just wasn't expressive enough. Then I came up with the idea that Prix emits a soft light while active.
I enjoyed drawing the final panel.
Author Note