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I am a soon to be Art College graduate with a major in New Media. The webcomic I am sharing on here is part of my thesis work revolving around different subjects including bullying, queer characters, childhood friends, etc. As the story progresses more I will add more details in the FAQ page such as character bios, etc but as all the characters have yet to be introduced, I am waiting until that is done.
This webcomic is going to be continuous post grad.

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Big big BIG apology for being late with this page! I've been swamped with graduation and thesis stuff so this page is late.
This also seems like a bad time to mention this, but I will be taking a short hiatus to get settled with graduation and my jobs and such.
The next page, the start of the next chapter, will be posted on May 10th.
Thank you for your patience and your viewership! :D
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This is the last of the sudden dump of pages. The next page will be uploaded on sunday as scheduled.
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shit, I've been spotted!
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It's January, where is your backpack and coat you irresponsible teenager~
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Surprise I'm uploading more all at once.
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