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Comic profile: Illusory
Hush Your Fears
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Content flags: Strong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 3rd Jul 2018, 9:34 PM
Number of comics: 175
Number of subscribers: 161
Visitors: 27846 visitors (144410 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (203 votes)

Comic description

Even for a desperate wish, some prices are too high. In Teiran’s darkest hour, a strange spirit offers help - one chance to banish his fears forever. With his grim purpose, Teiran readies a spell even as echoes of consequence start to sound.


"Nicci", Freelance Illustrator.
My major project right now is Illusory, but I have more ideas on the back-burners. If you like my art, check out my art blog on tumblr.

Most recent comments left on Illusory

23rd Jul 2018
"Hiatus Extended"

Unhappy to say it, but I've got to put Illusory on a big hiatus. Fallen on hard times and I really can't focus on anything but commissions & job-hunts now.

It will be back, but I can't say when until I've got some stability back for my workflow.
Left on Delay / Hiatus
3rd Jul 2018
Sorry, all, but looking at my schedule lately...I need to put this on hiatus for a while. The current update schedule isn't working with all of my other workloads and internet availability.

I'm thinking a new schedule of 4 pages at the end of every month will work better - if you've any thoughts on this, please share! Otherwise, I hope to be back at either the end of this or next month.
Left on Delay / Hiatus
3rd Jul 2018
Ah, thanks for the head's up :)
Left on Page Seven
Pedant (Guest)
29th Jun 2018
Typo spotted: "weild" should be "wield".
Left on Page Seven
21st Jun 2018
( Sorry for that delay, again :/ With how my workload is going lately, I may have to change the upload schedule again - let me know if 4 pages at the end of every month sounds good? OR if you've another idea? )
Left on Page Five