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Inerudite Hills
Good and evil, Gods and Demons, but which is which?
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Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
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Ih-neh-roo-dite !

The Neutral, the Lonely, and the Wayward.
The Ghost, the Devil, and the Spirit.
Three beings who live on opposite ends, contradicting everything that has ever been set as fact.

And some cannot stand to accept it.


Inerudite Hills is web comic told via multiple stories each detailing the events and happenings of a supernatural fantasy world. Gods, magic, and monsters included.

Comic updates on Mondays at 2pm EST.

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If for some reason you want to read the old comic pages that are now irrelevant to the story, check here for the prologue, and here for the "beta" Chapter 1!


I draw! Been working on my webcomic Inerudite Hills!


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....And that's why I use Good Window wiping.

(remember? the Drunken Crow commercial?)

it was probz before your time.

Nina is short for Eninan!!
Author Note
way to kick off the decade, mirite?

* reference to people's kneejerk reaction to Kevin Smith making fun of E.T. but then his bike crashes into a bedroom ala' Poltergiest and the figure that was SUPPOSED to be E.T. was really a monkey dressed as Scream.

yeah. it was either that or....

"And so... the Priest stabbed the Troll with the shard of the stain glass window, and broke the curse. The end."

*reference that New-ish episode of The Simpsons where Bart, Homer, Patty, Skinner, Moe, and Professor Frink (not to mention the guy behind Sandman) got together and wrote a Book for the purpose of getting money.

yeah. close call between those two choices.

good to see you still working. Me? I've gotta calm down from creating and take in more. I worked myself into a corner.
oof at least there are no shards of glass flying
Author Note
LMAO aw shiet