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Last update: 17th Aug 2016, 8:12 PM
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Inkling is a daily comic strip focusing on a family of five. If you're wondering if the're cats, rabbits, or hamsters I have no idea...but I have an Inkling.


I'm in college at the University of Oregon studying History and Politics. Besides cartoons I've also done stand up and Improv comedy although comic strips are my favorite medium of expression.

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“Gotta Love”
Gotta love it when a similar situation arises and you did your half of the project.
Usually I do classic strips on Thursdays but since I needed the Joes rope series to resolve I decided to release the classic today. Happy Fallback Friday
Author Note
I started Inkling four years ago when I was a Freshmen in high school but stopped after about 25 stripes. I restarted it as a Freshman in college. But in order to get out of some work every Thursday I'll post a classic under the guise of throwback Thursday.
Author Note
Now that's a good one XD