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Comic profile: Iron and Steel
Iron and Steel
An IG AU Webcomic
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Content flags: Violent Content
Comic language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Yesterday, 12:00 AM
Number of comics: 281
Number of subscribers: 5
Visitors: 7372 visitors (31103 pages viewed)
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Comic description

This is an alternate universe take on Inspector Gadget. It mainly draws it's base inspiration from the classic series, but does use bits from the other incarnates done over the years. Don't expect to know what this is from knowing the canon content. This is a more serious & elaborate take on the fandom.

I highly suggest reading the back stories connected to the comic before reading it. That is the only way the characters & plot will make sense total sense.

This comic is updated every Tuesday & Saturday.


Most recent comments left on Iron and Steel

A couple of the panels for this page were draw & colored on large scale.
Left on Short 4: Page 6
4 days ago
Without words, I'd like to think it's clear what just happened and why prior to that you saw with no lights on for his apartment. At least there was power during the day time in the place.
Left on Short 4: Page 5
8 days ago
This can easily be missed about the page. The site Alan is on is IEEE, which is a job finding service for engineers. I used the internet archive service to get what it looked like back in '04.
Left on Short 4: Page 4
11 days ago
Now some of the previous page should make sense.
Left on Short 4: Page 3
31st Jul 2018
You'll understand why that bike is relevant later. As for it otherwise, as awful as his canon counterpart is, I still wanted to throw something into this as homage to the moron.

I put good amount of thought into his main living space shown in panel three. You can't see this well but the pair of candles will also later be picked up on, why he even has them. The poster on the wall. ... At first I wanted to draw something like you see in his room in Inspector Gadget / John Heyward's house. The superhero poster shown on page 26 of Iron and Steel. After some debate I decided just to have it as something equally geeky. A Pokemon poster. The details are way too small to convey what I wanted to show for that. As the result of that I might actually make a full scale piece of art showing it. "I support PokeCenter ER Staff," and it shows Pikachu zapping a fallen person as if the attack were the pokemon using a defribulator.
Left on Short 4: Page 2