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Comic profile: Iron and Steel
Iron and Steel
An IG AU Webcomic
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Content flags: Violent Content
Comic language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Yesterday
Number of comics: 177
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Comic description

This is an alternate universe take on Inspector Gadget. It mainly draws it's base inspiration from the classic series, but does use bits from the other incarnates done over the years. Don't expect to know what this is from knowing the canon content. This is a more serious & elaborate take on the fandom.

I highly suggest reading the back stories connected to the comic before reading it. That is the only way the characters & plot will make sense total sense.

This comic is updated every Tuesday & Saturday.


Most recent comments left on Iron and Steel

15th Aug 2017
Something about this page, at last second pretty much I started to debate the grammar in Spectrum's use of the word elite. It's just a simple word but only in the context of a MAD agent saying it does it become a title. Should I write elite starting with a captain letter? To end the debate I refrained from that because it's not a word normally thought of as a title.
Left on Page 176
12th Aug 2017
Well only one dog in particular. Remember I gave a warning about content crossing into the Gadget Boy content. Dr. Hunter has been encountering the gang on that side over the years leading up to this. His dog issue is purely over G9.
Left on Page 175
12th Aug 2017
It seems like our friend here has canine-phobia! I know how that feels! I like his subtle expression of relief =)
Left on Page 175
12th Aug 2017
Those bananas have a bad crack to them which fans who know canon not put to screen with the classic series might recognize on the following page. Also unsaid, I think you can guess the dog, Dr. Hunter just whimpered about given RAGE's history with a different group.
Left on Page 175
9th Aug 2017
Thanks it took some planning to figure out! :-)

I haven't made any note of retirement age for people working for the organization. At this point in shown the oldest noted character is Von Slickstein, who I noted in Forge of Hate is either in his 50's or 60's. Penny entering HAPPY is more unofficial than official. They allow her to accompany their staff and also allow Eda to act as a teacher to her. Dirk & Finn are the youngest officially noted employed by HAPPY. But they got in because their parents wanted them in.

Also slightly unsure if you are referring to Kein here being oldest present in this scene. He heads RAGE. His age hasn't been noted but given how I note him in the Gadget Boy stories and a short I plan on writing him in later in comic format, his age becomes clearer. Born 1958 but I'm not sure that will get mentioned.

As for Doctor Claw he's making no further appearances in this story, but he is coming back later. After Iron and Steel is over which is something that will happen faster on DeviantART then here ( still months off on DA ). A bunch of short comic stories are coming out using different characters across this AU. Call it round two of this nature.
Because three people have voiced interest in it his short and I'm not kidding through the eyes of Mad Cat, it will be first produced. You can read these while Iron and steel here is still running. Just don't read the Dr. Spectrum one since it will act as a mild spoiler.

He is also returning in the fifth large prose based story which will be published in all likely hood after the comic shorts have all been posted.

This thread in the IG Unlimited forum relays who's getting the comic shorts:

PS: On the note of kiaraprime. She left I didn't get rid of her. I've never banned anyone but a single person-er-bot that signed up.
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