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Comic profile: Iron and Steel
Iron and Steel
An IG AU Webcomic
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Content flags: Violent Content
Comic language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Yesterday, 12:00 AM
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Comic description

This is an alternate universe take on Inspector Gadget. It mainly draws it's base inspiration from the classic series, but does use bits from the other incarnates done over the years. Don't expect to know what this is from knowing the canon content. This is a more serious & elaborate take on the fandom.

I highly suggest reading the back stories connected to the comic before reading it. That is the only way the characters & plot will make sense total sense.

This comic is updated every Tuesday & Saturday.


Most recent comments left on Iron and Steel

This story and Alan's story started being written about the same time. This even gained a concept piece of art meant for show but that got destroyed. It was drawn on my Surface tablet shortly before the OS got corrupted by an update, I kid you not from Microsoft. The hard drive had to be wiped of everything. The art was 95% of the way done.

... To anyone that pays close attention to the Iron and Steel-verse, you know the Inspector Gadget / Gadget Boy fandoms, aren't the only formerly DiC owned cartoons I use for this. While Doctor Hunter is a character I threw into the mix for the Gadget Boy stories primarily. He still takes origin with The Littles. You know from his other appearances in this AU, he isn't the villain you know from canon content. This story explains that.
Left on Short 6: Page 1
4 days ago
Short story I know, but it helps define these two a little better than they were before I believe. Dirk & Finn will be returning in Loaded Stone. Both with different paths story-wise with events in that story.
Left on Short 5: Page 7
8 days ago
Huh, I can say a little from my DA comments here. "Loaded Stone" the next large story after Devil's Blood. It's outlining is moving along great. Also not sure if I've said this before. It's going to be in comic format.
Left on Short 5: Page 6
11 days ago
... I am so sorry I can't write here what I said on DA :-(.
Left on Short 5: Page 5
9th Oct 2018
My comments originally given on DA don't apply here well.
Left on Short 5: Page 4