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Comic profile: Iron and Steel
Iron and Steel
An IG AU Webcomic
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Content flags: Violent Content
Comic language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
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Comic description

This is an alternate universe take on Inspector Gadget. It mainly draws it's base inspiration from the classic series, but does use bits from the other incarnates done over the years. Don't expect to know what this is from knowing the canon content. This is a more serious & elaborate take on the fandom.

I highly suggest reading the back stories connected to the comic before reading it. That is the only way the characters & plot will make sense total sense.

This comic is updated every Tuesday & Saturday.


Most recent comments left on Iron and Steel

23rd May 2017
This had to be done in an odd way and that was not just a matter of the 2D / 3D blending this time. To give you an idea why it happened, this being done in an unconventional manner. I put off the work on panel one on it's formal work till near the end of working on this page. Although before that formal work? Putting in the text & speech bubbles, then outlining where the characters should be.

In this page is sub-text I'm not counting on everyone getting. Remember how pages back I said the choosing of Cardinals being choice? Sub-explanation first, what Louis calls Alan's cape which is technology, but he calls "magic". That feather represents "Dumbo's magic feather". As for the feather being red, that acts as a homage to the canon Capeman's cape in coloration.

From "Forge of Hate":

"You know I want you dead, but that isn't important right now. I need you to get mister Defecto out of here, and to a safer place. Me having your magic cape, insures you will do this and will come back here." Louis continued to tell Alan his forced orders.
Left on Page 152
20th May 2017
That 2D / 3D blending needed for this part. I am glad this section is nearly over just because of it.

Research went into this page in yet another oddball place. I knew what the first Optimus Prime and Megatron toys were meant to look like transformed, but I wanted to be exact. While my brother owned an Optimus Prime toy when he and I were little, I don't think it was the first release. Megatron's first release toy was the larger concern in this research and I made sure I used the right example found to act as the ref for drawing here. Sadly detail to these toys is lost because of how large they're shown here. ... Remember I always draw things bigger at first than how they appear in the end.
Left on Page 151
16th May 2017
As some of you know I put more thought than is needed into my writing. With this section ideas were taken out simply because they weren't needed to the story. This action has also happened before with earlier stories in the series. Even in the IG Unlimited forum I questioned people if I should keep the Katy & Darryl piece. These are bits taken out:

. The night before the story truly starts, Alan looking outside his bedroom window, is overjoyed to see snow falling outside.

. Ashley reviewing with him how he's to talk with his relatives. That for what he wants to do went he grows up, superhero is not an option and he should say something more sensible.

. Arriving at their relative's house and with that happily greeted by two of their pet dogs. This idea used as a lead-in for Brain in the next section, treating Alan with much less kindness than the dogs in the flashback.

A design aspect lost was I wanted to show, something in the living room which showed some form of family heritage, something of ancestry / culture in the home he was raised in. Engenis is a made up last name, but I knew it sounded like it could be a real last name when I came up with it. Looking at a wiki page which goes over lettering in parts of last names as to culture origin. I got a bet confirmed. It has a Greek sound to it. But when I attempted to research what might be easily found in a Greek home, Google pulled up jack. Wonderful what the net has to offer, only ancient Greece for information, not modern. I know I could have posted somewhere on the net a request for this information, but having tried to due different nationality research before and coming up empty handed, I decided to skip over this detail in the home.
Left on Page 150
15th May 2017

Thank you, I still remember having a debate about which photo to use as a reference for it. ... You wouldn't believe how many pictures I took on that trip.

My mechanic friend, who is also helping me with the other repairs. He contacted me this evening and told me he thinks the roof is salvageable. Some how he makes the repair costs not sound so bad but I still worry. Hes more used to dealing with people who have bigger wallets.
Left on Page 149
15th May 2017
That is a sweet airport you've drawn! Still catching up, but i just HAD to see your new stuff. I heard you're going through a hard time via your author notes on Light Bulbs (which is also looking great). I hope things work out for you...
Left on Page 149