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Welcome to Jack's comic hub! Where you can see the status of his projects as they're being made, scrapped scenes, concept art, and behind the scenes stuff, as well as little tangent comics that didn't make the main story they were meant for

Be advised that these works are meant for 18+ readers only, and will feature a variety of mature themes


{ M - 🍁 - '95}
Howdy I'm Jack; author, comic artist, and purveyor of monstrous men

I've got a lot of stories to tell, nice to meet you

Come sit for a spell, if you like what you see

🔞 My works are intended for adult audiences, and feature mature themes. Please be mindful of content warnings


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For anyone that missed the announcement on the comic's blog itself, Danse took an unplanned hiatus, and is coming back full swing on Halloween, with weekly updates resuming each friday after that!

Nomad and I are stoked to finish our first collab, they're working on some other scripts too, but I don't know which ones she'll want to make comics or keep as prose, and I'm not at liberty to spill details on those either way... yet 🤫

Enjoy next page's sneak peak in the meantime; that theatre she snuck into was supposed to be abandoned, I wonder what Becca's going to see next?
Author Note
My sentiments exactly, it's been killing me not to post pages and other art right when I finish them |D
YESS its here!
Danse Macabre, Danse Amour

A young urban explorer seeks answers to her hometown's missing persons problem in a forbidden part of town. An old theatre opens its doors for her. Will she be able to cope with what she finds inside, or will her poster join the others at town hall?


Welcome to Danse! This is a thriller/fantasy tale, only about 25 pages long (and unlike with TREVOR, I'm not writing this one, so I won't keep adding scenes :p)

The storyboard, writing & colours were done by my lovely wife, Steadfastnomad. I did the lineart and rendering

Since Halloween this year is on a sunday, we're going to be updating once a week on sundays; hope you had a lovely holiday and that you enjoy the story o/
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