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Fantasy comic inspired by Polish legends and mythology.
Lo-Ren is just an ordinary girl who likes reading stories about wizards. She wishes she could become a wizard herself, just like in her favourite books. One day she gets what she wished for, but it's not going to look how she imagined.


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Hmmm... an idea for the last page?
I'm moving forward. Most of this bonus part is already inked and I only need to get an idea for the last page.
Author Note
Broad spectrum ultraviolet light (like so-called "grow lights") seems to mitigate Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) during the long dark winters of Northern Europe. Consult your doctor for advice, and see if the proper intensity of light is available to you.
Thanks, nice to hear that. Your comment poked me a bit and gave me more energy to continue.
In my case depression is an old firend that will always come back and this happens around that time when it's dark, cold, no sun and sky is grey. And this is all I'll write about it. But it's getting better now, days are becoming longer. Now I only have to go through a time when sometimes weather decides it would be fun to randomly freeze everything in 30 minutes. You can have a nice day and in a moment you discover that you're stuck in a traffic jam, snowplows froze too and there's no power because power lines collapsed under the weight of ice.
Okay, I complained a bit about the world to random person on the interenet, now I can move and work on another page.