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Last update: 3rd May 2020, 7:40 PM
Strong Sexual Themes
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Jillpoke Bohemia is a meta-comic about Darby and Kieran, a country-punk musical duo (and on-again, off-again lovers) based in Portland, Maine. In the tradition of the Hernandez brothers' Love and Rockets and other indie comics, Jillpoke is an edgy feature that does not shy from sexual situations or topical/political issues.


I am a married, would-be-novelist-turned cartoonist living in the hinterland that is northern Maine. I'm a 1994 graduate of the University of Maine at Presque Isle, with a degree in English. I work by day as hospital warehouse clerk to subsidize my current obsession, which is writing and drawing the comic strip Jillpoke Bohemia.

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I recommend looking up Quiet by Susan Cain.

Our inner lives will soon be the only truly private places.
Except Trump is hardly an introvert. I actually found these synonyms online and was struck by how inaccurate and insulting they were. As an introvert myself, I was offended--as Darby is. But I tried to turn that anger into self-deprecating humor.

Isn't there an old saying about, "We hate in others what we despise in ourselves"?
(I like this one better. It's my very self-interested opinion :P :D)
These aliens (or Darby's imagination of them) were talking an awful lot about "69", lying down, even.