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Cree's Dragon Age 2 Comic
A fancomic of the Dragon Age 2 game (Updates the first Sunday of every month)
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Last update: 3rd Nov 2019, 3:14 PM
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Thought it would be fun to play through as a mage, a blood mage to be more precise. Then I thought it would be even funner if I did a little comic on it. I would get to practice making comics and have easy material to work on.


I have been an artist for a long time and I am aiming to get my comic/s/art out there. Hopefully in a consistent manner.

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3rd Nov 2019
I am very much leaning towards stopping this comic. I have been thinking about it for some time. More and more working on it has been feeling more like a chore. I may try to tie it up, at least get to the end of the first chapter... on the other hand I may not. I may do a couple of things I wanted to touch on, I am not fully sure at the moment.
Left on CDA2 pg60 He went that-a-way
13th Oct 2019
I really just wanted to touch on the character selection screen.
Left on CDA2 pg59 You Are The Father
29th Sep 2019
In Dragon Age II there are places where you can choose or change your party, one of which is in Merrill's house. I thought that would be the best place to do a comic about summoning the party with the horn.
Left on CDA2 pg58 Baawooooo
1st Sep 2019
My apostate blood mage friend here knows what she is doing.
Left on CDA2 pg57 Blood Sniffer
4th Aug 2019
Who knows, maybe you have one in you....
Left on CDA2 pg56 The Problem With Mages