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Last update: 13th Nov 2016, 10:09 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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Antares, is what his father gave him after birth, he grew up hating his own weird name that he come up with a new one(Kiran), in fear of becoming people's laughing stock. He sees himself as a proud side character who doesn't have a care to the world and completely fine living a normal life. Going to school,have an average grades, have a crush and enemies. Everything gone upside-down after confessing his love to a girl. An accident happened causing him dead but then...he suddenly came back to life and then everybody's after him, soon he realized he is actually immortal.

what is he?who is he?Why does his body refuse to die?Why does everybody after him?


Hi there, i just want to let you know that i'm not very good with english, so bare with me, if my grammar was bad in my manga, just let me know and also, this only for fun:).

Update is on: Tuesday,Wednesday,Friday,Saturday and Sunday.


You can call me Ai or kyumei, i do most of my work in digital because it's something im comfortable working with, I love to draw and doing short unpublished mangas, because of that i end publishing one.

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Yes, this is inspired to Ajin in a way, because i'm a fanxD
Aww, poor Kiran is so adorkable. <3
Well, Kiran, maybe the reason you keep collapsing is that you haven't eaten for three days.

Those things tend to go hand-in-hand!
By any chance, have you happened to read/watch a series called Ajin?
All shonen (and seinen) protagonists are!
Doesn't stop them from suffering from protagonist syndrome!