Kaza's Mate, Gwenna
Tales from the NAKED jungle!
Last update: 23rd Apr 2022, 12:20 PM
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Gwendolyn Davis, once a bored socialite from the big city, found her life changed forever after meeting Kaza The Jungle Lord. Leaving behind trappings of civilization, she's found a life of adventure in the wild natural beauty of the wilderness as Kaza's Mate Gwenna.

"Best comicfury comic EVER!" -The5thFromElbow2Wrist


Been dabling in webcomics for quite a few years.

Comics I've done in the past:

Sexy Losers(WARNING! NSFW) I contributed a lot of guest art under the name Jacob Marley Most of what I did is under Sexy Jam #3.

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I had the dubious pleasure of seeing several super yachts in San Francisco Bay during the city's America's Cup and was not impressed, except by the exquisite replica of George Steers' original America. Larry Ellison's was the most egregious example of conspicuous consumption in that fleet.
The Maldives?
I saw a drone shot of a bunch of mega yachts parked somewhere, in a story connected to the Russian oligarchs. My thought was about the scale of their crimes to get such a monster of a boat.
imho owning a giant toy boat like that says something very negative about a person

"you don't make a billion dollars, you take a billion dollars"
BTW, it seems that after the robot shark attack, the damage was repaired, saving the ship from sinking!