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Kaza's Mate, Gwenna
Tales from the NAKED jungle!
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Frequent Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
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Gwendolyn Davis, once a bored socialite from the big city, found her life changed forever after meeting Kaza The Jungle Lord. Leaving behind trappings of civilization, she's found a life of adventure in the wild natural beauty of the wilderness as Kaza's Mate Gwenna.

"Best comicfury comic EVER!" -The5thFromElbow2Wrist


Been dabling in webcomics for quite a few years.

Comics I've done in the past:
Four More Years! My cheesy and short lived attempt at a political comic. I find it rather embarrassing now, but the idea of Naked Laura Bush in Outer Space still amuses me.

Sexy Losers(WARNING! NSFW) I contributed a lot of guest art under the name Jacob Marley Most of what I did is under Sexy Jam #3.

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Oh, good!
yay ^^, new page
It's going to be a bit more complicated than that
Somehow, that's not the origin story for Kaza that I imagined. So what makes a yuppie decide to get naked and run around in the jungle? Hopefully you'll tell us about that.
I love your choose-your-own-adventure concept. It lets the fans take an active part in your comics, and I adore it when I see creators interacting with their readers. Can't wait to see where it goes!