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Comic profile: Kempen Adventures
Kempen Adventures
African Fantasy
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Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: One week ago, 5:00 PM
Number of comics: 43
Number of subscribers: 1
Visitors: 732 visitors (1682 pages viewed)
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Comic description

Kempen Adventures portrays a story that plays out in an African like world in the Blaze of Silver world's past, through the eyes of the girl named Ayo.

When all the combat ready men are taken north to fend of treat, Ayo's village has to fend of one of their own. A series of events that sets the world that she knew upside their head.


Most recent comments left on Kempen Adventures

19th Jan 2018
Ayo, Tenda and Ecnu have traveled to Xlamidol to seek aid in protecting their region from the bugs.
Left on Kempen Adventures: An Abode of Humanity
13th Jul 2017
Strangely yes.
Left on It's Talking....
8th Jul 2017
Can she understand what it's saying?
Left on It's Talking....
4th Nov 2016
incase your wondering i made up a number system

1 = Pink 6 = Thumb o Pink 11 = Ring of Pink 16 = Middle of Pink 25 = Fist 51 = Fist o Ring and Pink 100 = Fist o Point
2 = Ring 7 = Thumb o Ring 12 = Double Rings 17 = Middle of Ring 26 = Pink and a Fist 66 = Fist o Ring and Middle of pink 125 = Hand
3 = Middle 8 = Thumb o Middle 13 = Ring of Middle 18 = Double Middles 30 = Thumb and a Fist 67 = Fist o Ring and Middle of Ring 532 = Hand o Point, Fist and a Thumb o Ring
4 = Point 9 = Thumb o Point 14 = Ring of Point 31 = Thumb o Pink and a Fist 68 = Fist o Ring and Double Middle 625 = Head
5 = Thumb 10 = Ring of Thumbs 15 = Middle of Thumbs 20 = Point of Thumbs 50 = Double Fist 75 = Fist o Middle

As it shows they don't ussual don't count after 125
Left on Not interested