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Webcomic profile: Kyoni:Wanderer
The Road is Long.
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Language: English
Genre: Science-Fiction
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Last update: 4 days ago, 10:05 AM
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Webcomic description

Kyoni has an unique condition. She has strange dreams of places she's never been, or things she's never done, and actively learns from them. When she wakes, the fog of the dream is not there. It is like recalling a memory but something she couldn't have known. Despite researching in her hometown she has found nothing to help her learn about her condition and leaves home. But that is nothing compared to the road.

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Hey! I'm zerothe3rd. I draw on, a public drawing board, under the name of z. I also draw on FlockMod under the name Kyoni. My deviantart uses the same name as this username.

Other than working full time I make Kyoni:Wanderer!

Most recent comments left on Kyoni:Wanderer

2 days ago
Re: The link to Kyoni's dreams. Since our Kyoni felt the other Kyoni's drowning death, she then probably also know how a prothesis feels--physically and emotionally.

I expect that will influence her decision.
Left on Chapter 9: Page 24
Firefly Jelly
3 days ago
Firefly Jelly
Nice-looking stuff. Love your color palette. I will be back for more!
Left on Chapter 9: Page 17
Thozmp (Guest)
4 days ago
Yeah, I can see how Hunter's memories might make one wary of getting limbs replaced by cybernetics. When you have to, you have to, but if it's just one option on the table...
Left on Chapter 9: Page 24
4 days ago
If anyone don't remember who Kyoni is thinking of she was first seen HERE! Also, Hunter is totally warranted to be that upset about him knocking. There is a lot of backstory between the two. She is kind of like an adopted daughter to him. She is also his apprentice and a willing test experiment. They get along well but Hunter is Hunter and she wants at least a LITTLE bit of privacy. She is missing her left leg and Right arm, as well as several other parts that have been replaced with Cybernetics.

We're not staying with her for long, just this page. That's why I felt like posting a tiny bit of the two's relationship.
Left on Chapter 9: Page 24
6 days ago
I'm glad she looks cute now!

I can see that! At least Luke lost his hand down a shaft after Vader cut it off. Kyoni would have to pick to have it lobbed off.
Left on Chapter 9: Page 23