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Webcomic profile: Nightshade the merry widow
Nightshade the merry widow
A tale of Dreamwalk Journal.Updates Monday. Co-writers: Lee M. Kim C. And thanks to Bob Partridge who also helped.
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Content flags: Sexual ContentNudity
Language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
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Last update: 12th Mar 2019, 5:52 PM
Number of comics: 857
Number of subscribers: 49
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The adventures of a middle aged black widow spider and her friends. Updates every Monday.

Hi. I have placed a "donate" button on the page in the hopes some of you might toss a few bucks my way. I know times are hard, but if you can help out another "starving artist" It would be very appreciated. Thanks, Ed.


Hi. I did freelance art and prop work for many years after becoming frustrated with the ever present politics involved in being a high end prototype machinist.

I enjoyed several years of doing freelance work for several computer game covers for a few popular games out there. I often created for the now long defunct Microillusions that first brought out the delightful game Faery Tale and others.

I have also worked in the motion picture industry doing science fiction props. I've created for movies like Men in Black and the scifi TV series Babylon Five.

I am semi-retired due to health constraints and am currently trying to teach myself how to use some of the 3D computer graphic programs available by working on an online graphic novel/comic titled "NIGHTSHADE THE MERRY WIDOW".

Thanks for taking a look.

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Lee M
12th Mar 2019
Lee M
Yes, the scans confirm what the pheromones already told the happy couple. Sex on Cyeatea is mainly a recreational activity, but of course pregnancy does occur from time to time. Birth rates are low, but the local equivalent of social media puts expectant parents in touch with each other, and when the children are old enough the parents creche them together so they can socialize. These creche groups generally stay in touch for life.
Left on Bee Babe in the Womb
Lee M
11th Mar 2019
Lee M
Following all that amorous activity, what are Theta's antennae telling him about his partner?
Left on Theta and Damiana: Afterward
Lee M
10th Mar 2019
Lee M
More waifu'd Yahoo! Group bonus art.

One of the more obvious advantages of having wings is that it's easy to join what, on Cyeatea, might be called the thousand-mile-high club!
Left on Theta and Damiana: Flying United
Lee M
9th Mar 2019
Lee M
Our two favorite honeybees indulging in their favorite activity. A pair of waifu2x'd views, originally posted as bonus art on the Dreamwalk Journal Yahoo! Group. (The Group's still there, but no longer accepting members.)
Left on Theta and Damiana: Love
Lee M
8th Mar 2019
Lee M
Final anatomical scan.
Left on Male honeybee anatomy