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La Morphine Noire
Dark Magic Noir
Last update: 13th Feb 2020, 9:17 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore
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This webcomic is updated every second monday.
It takes place in a world as messed up as ours
and nothing but plenty of coffee, a good bit of ignorance and a little bit of magic will help to set some order in this mess.


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such a good read and the styling is so engaging :)
Well, I hoped this wouldn't happen, but I've reached crunch time in university before completing this chapter, as you might have already noticed by now.
It will continue (and therefore approaching the end of chapter one) as soon as possible
Author Note
Since I'm currently quite busy with my master theses
here's a little sneak peak instead,
of something which might or might not appear in the
further course of action...

I beg your pardon
Author Note
Halfway through the coloration, my tablet died.
I have not abandoned all hope yet, but probably I'll need a new one.
The half colored version looked very strange, so we've decided to go back to the black and white one.
It seems like a whole generation of electronics is about to parish...
Author Note
As it turned out, we did not have internet access the last 10 days, while being on holidays
apologies for that. The continuation will happen next week as usual

Best regards from somewhere else!
Author Note