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Last update: 13th Apr 2018, 4:02 AM
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it's superheros, folks || on indefinite hiatus <3


Rarely seen in the wild, the unusual reddish Crimson Catalyst most often spends its time in its burrow, whittling away at short sticks of graphite.

Not currently posting comics at this time!

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Weird website, got the hang of it though! I really like your comic, can't wait to see more :D
It's LJRU's birthday!! Not only did the comic begin on 4/12, but the two first characters were also made on the same date.

It's been a while since LJRU updated, which is a heckin bummer. Dont fret, though; me and my boys arent going anywhere.

I have a completed page ready to go, but I've chosen to wait to post it. I'm finishing my last college semester and I need to prioritize my schoolwork - I'd rather begin posting again when I can guarantee that I will continue, rather than just a momentary pause in hiatus.

This means that, for a little while longer, I'm going to focus on building a buffer. I don't know when updates will resume.

If you'd like, you can find me on twitter and instagram if you'd like to watch for update notifications. Thanks for your continued patience with me and my baby comic <3

I'll be leaving this artwork up until pages are back on the table!
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aw omg i didn't realize i forgot to reply to you!! tysm, honestly <3 i'm glad you do!!
“Uhhh i dont know”
i like this.
Hey look excuse me but i gotta sit back down and not only are you in the way but you're also really loud and, admittedly, a little intimidating

Thanks for your patience during midterms guys <3

As a reminder, although update day is officially Thursday, I can't guarantee a page-a-week schedule! You can find me on twitter or instagram if you'd like reminders.

edit: cleaned up some old filler art! there are only ten pages, but now u can reread completely uninterrupted *eyebrows emoji*
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