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History is made by those who write it.
Last update: 20th Mar 2015, 9:08 AM
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Paris, 1788. The city is simmering with both political and social turmoil. The young, brash and idealistic Hélène D'Aulnoy is there to write about it all. With her dashing and loquacious fiancé Nicki Eckhardt helping her print her work, the duo creates the politically inflammatory pamphlet "The Light Eaters". To protect themselves and the reputation of Hélène's royalist father, the couple creates their work in secret, and it has gained a wide and loyal audience in the city. However, it has also gained the attention of Lieutenant Beauchene, the iron-fisted warden of the notorious Mont de St. Omer prison. He creates a millitant task-force called The King's Men to obliterate any and all illegal pamphlet writers in Paris. Now Hélène and Nicki must stay on their toes and keep their wits about them, even as strange sounds begin to emanate from beneath the very streets of Paris. Can the duo survive? Or will Paris itself swallow them whole...

Coming December 2013


Just a young lady looking to make a compelling and intriguing narrative. Hope you enjoy my work!

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“Note from the author.”
Sadly, for the time being, this story is on hiatus. This may be for quite some time.

It's not due to lack of interest. Right now I've been getting an influx of work, and as it stands, I can't fulfill my work obligations and work on this comic consistently.

Perhaps it will be returned to someday, perhaps I will have to leave it as it stands. Thank you for your kind words, and thank you for reading thus far. Whatever I do, I shall do my best to make something entertaining and of the best quality I can give you.
Will this comic be continued any time soon? I really like the story and I would love to see more of your lovely artwork. Please tell me this comic will be continued!
cannot wait for chapter 2.
Rest assured Puck, MsMegan and I have far, far too many ridiculous, sexy, French history puns...it's actually been legally mandated that we cool our jets on things for a bit. We almost caused some international and trans-dimensional incidents there.
Working on some possible alternative production methods for chapter 2. Hopefully, I may hit on one that let's me get things done a bit quicker. Kind of like how this turned out. Maybe a dichromatic comic would be a good idea. (Especially since it's about the French Revolution, it might be neat to have the whole thing in reds, whites and blues.)
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