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This prude little town of Irvington needs a little more excitement and Madam Lace knows just what to do.

Let the Fun begin.


Good Evening ladies and gents,

I welcome you to our page and hope that you find your hearts desire, we are two lovely ladies that only wish to bring you the most arousing content, so please set back relax and enjoy, we are here to please.

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yep every day..
UPDATE: due to covid-19 , the 'goddesses' jobs have been deemed "Essential" so no comic till further notice..
but.. you can check their progress on discord or twitter... or you could ask me,, i check here every day...
nope.. not in that day an age...
milk as a "breakfast staple" was not until the early 1900's..
at that time breast "Milk" was only for babies an local.. for the most part cow milk was turned into butter an cheeses ,, with very little used as a cooking ingredient..(custard or tarts as examples)
Stuck on base for the moment while they decide whether or not to shut 'er down for two weeks, and I see this pop up.

You've made my crappy day a happy day.