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Luna Star
The stars: our destination . .
Last update: 30th Aug 2015, 3:00 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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Sister comic to Datachasers. Set nine centuries before the current Datachasers timeline, Luna Star tells the story of Galina Kotko, the first living bridge between man and machine--and between mankind and the stars.
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CGI Artist and Old school RPG-er enjoys making art and telling storys ( creator/Artist For Datachasers and LunaStar )
Tokyo Rose
Tokyo Rose
I am the co-creator of DataChasers and Luna Star. Also, according to my creative partner and the entirety of the rational universe, I am a spikey ball of hate.

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Simply the Best.
the beauty in your story is amazing. well done.
That explains why he was stroking her hair.
Yes! Great expressions! Especially the last panel.
She woke up Treebeard