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Comic profile: M.A.G.E.
Ame's Story
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Content flags: Violent ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: On hiatus
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Last update: 8 days ago, 4:21 AM
Number of comics: 122
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Comic description

During the ball Moon goes missing, so Gem and Ame go looking for her. When they finally find her something in the ground stirs...


I am a very creative person, mostly focused on drawing type art, but I enjoy everything from embroidery to jewelry making. I have a shoujo type style to my art, and I suck at drawing hands, with any luck I can only get better from here, right?
I own two felines, one is still more of a kitten, the other is nearly 5 years old and more of my mama's cat than mine. (The cat is far more fluffy though, but I still love my kitten.) The cat is Pazuzu, named after the gargoyle from Futurama, and my kitten is Rey, named after the main character in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. (I might be something of a nerd in that aspect. No thanks to my dad.) I hope you enjoy my story!

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8 days ago
All that said! I'll be posting images and updates on my instagram (@RainCrystalWriter) and Facebook (@ArtistRainCrystal). So if you want to see previews of the next chapter as I work on it, best places to be!
I'll either see you there or in January (hopefully) on here!
9 days ago
And the chapter is done! Starting tomorrow comic will be on a legit hiatus for at the bare minimum 2 months. In which I am currently taking for leisure (in October since these are on a timer) but will very soon get started on the next chapter. I know how it's starting but I do actually need to re-read a bit to see where I was going next. There's a LOT that's going to be going on and I need to be sure I do it in a way that makes sense, it's not just me jumping around from character to character a bunch.
I hope you're enjoying it so far and will continue to enjoy it!
Like I promise the 100th page (actual page) will be in color! Hope you're looking forward to it!
I'll be putting up a doodle claiming a hiatus and that will just be the static picture until January 6th, in which I'll post an update on when the comic will start again, if I know, and anything else I can think of that may be important.
As always check my Facebook page for far more frequent updates AND plenty of WIPs!~ (@ArtistRainCrystal)
Left on 98th Page
13 days ago
It's suicide with barely a choice. Either be executed by Ame or take his own life. No matter which he chose his life would be extinguished.
Left on 97th Page
1st Nov 2017
So, so happy with how these turned out thanks to the 3D poser figures. I won't use them for everything, but this last half of the chapter I definitely need help getting it just right. I wonder what you all are thinking of this last half...
WARNING: Next page shows a full body of him falling into the sea. It's not graphic, it's just his body falling. If you don't want to see that, wait until Nov. 8th to check back on the comic.
Left on 96th Page
28th Oct 2017
This page is VERY full of actions and panels. I prefer it this way BECAUSE of what I was trying to do (a feeling of needing to know everything immediately, a feeling of everything happening quickly). What do you think?? Does it work or does it not?
Left on 95th Page