MK's The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
A comical and adventurous retelling.
Last update: 30th Oct 2021, 10:00 AM
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In this more comical and lighthearted take on Robert Louis Stevenson's classic story, in attempt to better himself through science, the brilliant, kind yet meek Dr. Henry Jekyll drinks his hyde formula, but the results are not what he expected. He winds up creating his wild and free-spirited alter ego Edward Hyde. Through that, the doctor and the beast must try to deal with their situation and each other. With a series of colourful characters from both the classic tale and the famous play like Gabriel Utterson, Lucy Harris, Richard Cornelius Poole, Governor Carew, Nellie, Emma and Hastie Lanyon, this is one take of the strange case like you have never seen before with action, comedy and even some mystery.

This webcomic is completed.


Hello and please, call me Mary.

I picked up drawing since I was four and have not stopped since. My favourite art style is cartoon and my favourite genres are comedy, romance, fantasy and sci-fi. My favourite thing to draw are monsters/fictional races.

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No, Jekyll is a good guy in my story, but... he is human and sometimes, has "jerk thoughts" about people who do him wrong in private.
Either that or Jekyll was a REAL jerk in private...
Thanks for reading this. It made my day.
Congratulations, your pilgrimage is now over, penitent one!

Bit late, sorry.
Final bossfight, let's dance!